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  1. sagrime

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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone can give me an indication of supermarket prices for things like pizza, chips, burgers, chicken that sort of stuff, also if anyone has any drinks prices.

    All information would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  2. pinkspideruk

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    depends on the quality of the food your buying - before i was a server i would buy these hideous ready meals from walmart for 89c - they had like chicken nuggets and chips and a brownie in them but im not convinced the nuggets were chicken :S

    cereals are around $2-4 depending on what you get, pizzas looking at between $2-6 frozen chips/fries around $3 soda drinks usually on offer if u get walmart own make like dr thunder instead of peper etc you can get 2l for around $1 proper branded drinks around $2 but they usually have link offers, bread is around $1.50-3 depending on type cheese usually on offer in publix like 2 for $6 but generally around $2.50+ for hard soft cheese is cheaper noodles are like 15c fresh meat varies by weight but if your gonna get like chicken breasts then look to spend $6+ for decent ones - can buy ready cooked chickens in publix and they do a couple of meal deals with things like sides to go with it as well ithink they were like $8 but easily enough for 4-5 of you to share

    publix is more expensive than walmart but the food quality is better and the fruit and veg form there lasts a lot longer oh and the staff are happy unlike walmart staff who grunt at you like neanderthals!

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