Free Park Tickets to Give Away?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Christin11, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    a few years ago I applied myself to be a Cultural Representative in Disney World. I went through the whole application process but as the waiting time for a result was too long I decided to go to Australia instead. Aaaanyway!
    As far as I remeber, every CRP gets a certain amount of free tickets for the parks for family and friends. Is that still the case?
    If so, I was wondering if there is anyone who is not using these tickets and who would like to do a good deed and give these tickets to me and my 3 friends who are coming to visit me in the US from Germany. We will be Orlando on December 30 and we would like to visit Disney World that day.
    Or do you know if there's a way to get cheaper tickets? We can't afford the 99$.

    I know it's a bit brazen but there's no harm in asking ;)
    It would be amazing if anyone could help us out!
    Happy Holidays to you all!


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