GAME: The person below me is _______

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CharlotteSparkle, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Clairey2302

    Clairey2302 New Member

    True, 3 shops actually lol

    The person below me has blue eyes
  2. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    false, one eye is green and one is hazel :)

    The person below me wants to/has travelled the world
  3. lululemon

    lululemon Member

    VERY true...well I would like to! I am canadian, and so far, I've been to some islands, most parts of the US, the east coast of Canada, France and Italy. I would LOVE to go to Africa and and Australia Zealand, and eastern europe, Japan, Thailand...LOL! pretty much everywhere...(when I marry someone with money?)
    The person below me has a ridiculous obsession with thier cell phone and/or text messaging
  4. AshleyDawn

    AshleyDawn New Member

    Nope, not at all! I don't even have one! I know if I did though, I'd be all about the texting. I'd be in debt from it. I have a hard enough time with sharing random thoughts and stories with people I work with by blabbing all day - I can't imagine having the power to text every random liner I think of.

    The person below me loves The Office!
  5. GABRICH!!!

    GABRICH!!! New Member

    i guess i'll say false, because I'm not sure about what are u talking about...i guess some TV show or something but not sure anyway hehe...

    the person below me doesn't know how to use chopsticks! hehe....
  6. geckozan

    geckozan New Member

    of course I know how to use them... I loooove sushi, and if you dont eat it properly... u look sooooo bad ha ha ha ha

    the person below me loves sushi
  7. GABRICH!!!

    GABRICH!!! New Member

    i doooo!!! hahaha ur definitely right about the chopsticks! hehe however not there are people who aren't very comfortable using them! hehe

    the person below me has lost their wallet while they're drunk....
  8. hannahnyc

    hannahnyc New Member

    true - and i ve left a cab driver a 100 dollar tip whoops

    the person below me has... stayed out til 8am then gone to work at 9...
  9. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    True, except I was at sixth form the next day. Went to Sheffield on the train to see Little Britain live, and got back to Durham at 8, so went to college and slept in my classroom until my lesson started :D

    The person below me had 100% attendance at school
  10. billy_92

    billy_92 Guest

    no..... :-[

    the person below me is waiting for news about something
  11. Emi

    Emi New Member

    Not really actually. I have my F2F on Wed so I will be after that! :D

    The person below drinks coffee on a regular basis.
  12. geckozan

    geckozan New Member

    not really, i like it though, but i don't drink it that much

    the person below me loves chocolate
  13. poncho

    poncho New Member

    i just like it

    the person below me went to beach this weekend?
  14. billy_92

    billy_92 Guest

    i live in no. i went too the highlands...not really clubs, pubs and bars!

    The person below me likes amy winehouse
  15. Emi

    Emi New Member

    She absolutely does my nut in. Seriously. Her voice is fine but her personality is so annoying!

    The person below has something important to do tomorrow.
  16. Kerry J

    Kerry J Guest

    true - tomorrow is my visa interview in belfast!!! wooooo!!!

    The person below me..............likes to drink vodka?!
  17. Clairey2302

    Clairey2302 New Member

    False lol, I'm a Peach Schnapps gal!

    The person below ill
  18. Emi

    Emi New Member

    No! Touch wood!! Because I have my F2F on Wednesday and WILL NOT be ill for it! :D I'll battle through it if I wake up icky tomorrow. ;)

    The person below can see a plant from where they're sitting.
  19. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    false, but I can see a hat made from palm leaves that I got in Cuba :)

    The person below me misses the withabix/withoutabix adverts
  20. billy_92

    billy_92 Guest

    ive never thought bout it.

    The person below me can do impressions of different accents really welll.
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