GAME: The person below me is _______

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CharlotteSparkle, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    Most definetly, only sat one exam so far, got three more to go.

    The person people is wishing they were somewhere far away
  2. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    you betcha.. I've been stuck here at work 11 hours now... no break, no colleagues... no fun...

    the person below me is slurping a beverage
  3. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Slurping is a bad habbit.

    The person below me wants a sandwhich!!! ;D
  4. ~Disney_Princess~

    ~Disney_Princess~ New Member

    mmmm yeah i kinda do now lol

    the PBM is watching a Disney movie ;D
  5. nope

    the person below me is having a cuppa tea.
  6. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    Nope, but i might go make myself a mocha.

    The person below me is very tired
  7. most definetly

    the person below me is going to be consuming mass amounts of caffeine to get through the next week.
  8. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    quite possibly

    the person below me can't wait for the sex and the city movie
  9. Nope

    the person below me is trying to figure out how to get their disney DVD that their friend has vowed not to give to them until exams are over :(
  10. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    lol no but...

    The person below me has seen the Disney Vacation Club DVD and thought it was really really really really really really really really really really good! :p
  11. disneyprincess87

    disneyprincess87 New Member

    lol HELL YEAH! dunno why i ordered it, just thought it would be cool!

    The person below me is thinking about rising to the challenge of eating a whole kitchen sink to themselves! :-\
  12. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Heh heh heh... I like to share :eek:p

    The person below me knows all the words to the fresh prince of bellair theme tune ::) ;D
  13. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    almost, lol.

    The person below me knows all the words to "Part of that World"
  14. oh yes ;D

    the person below me wishes that summer would greet us with its appearance again
  15. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member


    the person below me has cleaned an empty swimmingpool today
  16. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    no, i dont have a swimming pool, too cold in Scotland to have one.

    The person below me is hoping for sunshine tomorrow!
  17. well I was last night and we got it! Nice and sunny today though I don't know how warm it is as just got out of bed

    the person below me wants to go back to bed and not come out again for another 5 weeks when they know that they will be going to Florida.
  18. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    Oh i wish so much that i was going to Florida in 5 weeks, i really do. I feel like just going myself

    The person below is thinking of running away from home and just permanantly living in Florida.
  19. Karritada

    Karritada New Member

    I wish...nearly true, im going for 4 weeks over the summer as a wee holiday :)

    The person below me is waiting patiently...
  20. CaseyMac

    CaseyMac New Member

    I don't know how patiently I am waiting.. but waiting indeed... done work in 40 mins and headed to disney in 20 days!! Wee!!!

    The person below me is sick of the rain
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