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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Janey, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Cicada

    Cicada New Member

    So jealous that you are getting to see Wicked!It is so good and I want to go see it again. I just looked at the broadway across ameria website to see if it is coming to Orlando anytime when I am there. It isn't but Spring Awakening will be there in May 2010. It is amazing and I definetly want to go see that again. Though I get to see Sound of Music on Saturday! VERY exciting!
  2. I'm currently obsessed with Wicked lol
  3. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    *** JUST SEEN IT ON TV ****


    -Little boy looking up

    "Jack, this is just the entraince, why dont we go inside" (Something like that)

    Awwh <3 haha
  4. That advert makes me cry every time!
  5. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    I'm now booked to see Star Trek at the london imax next monday. If my visa stuff comes in time, i'll book my embassy appointment for tuesday to save another trip although i do LOVE London
  6. header

    header New Member

    I love London too. I miss it a lot. :'(
  7. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    Wicked was sooooooooooooooooo good!

    I'm jealous about Sound of Music, although I'm going in August to see it just before I leave to go to FL, but that's ages away! (No matter how much I try to reason with/trick myself into thinking its not all that far away ha!)
  8. Audrey II

    Audrey II New Member

    im jealous about both lol! they both look awesome!

    just finsihed recording the second radio episode :) finished the first one and it will be airing in september ..yayayy!!! now onto writing the sketch show.

    one more month til camp :D
  9. Janey

    Janey New Member

    As one picture says more than a thousand words, here's mine:


    Love 'em guys!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
  10. mpark90

    mpark90 Member


    Sorry, Can't stand them!!!
  11. Janey

    Janey New Member

    You boo all you want, this isn't the last cup we'll win this spring. ;D Seriously though, it was a tight race to the champioship so I'm extra happy we won. :)
  12. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

  13. Janey

    Janey New Member

    My Britney tickets arrived today!! I'm soon off to London to see her, can nooooooot wait!!! :D :D :D
  14. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    I just go home after seeing Beyonce live, she's AMAZING!!!! I love her so much!!
  15. Janey

    Janey New Member

    Ooooh.. I'd love to see her live!! :eek:
  16. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    I'm v jealous! My friends got tickets, but for some reason I didn't buy one... I think it was in case I got a date for CRP that was before the concert... boo!
  17. katiej22

    katiej22 New Member

    I'm happy as I just had a week in Mull with good weather :)
    Although the geological mapping was less fun.....

    .... best day was lcimbing up and down over really high rocks round the coast (although as they were mainly metasediment it was less interesting - the granite was pretty though!)

    And I took some garnets in a rock away - got a nice little rock collection now :)

    Oh dear I am such a rock geek now ;) ::) :eek:
  18. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    I'm happy cos my last day at work will be no later than three weeks on Monday! I hate it there!!! Then I have a month to go and annoy various friends around the country, then a sunny holiday, then FLORIDA!!!!!!
  19. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    Hey Hey
    Im happy because i just had a family meal with my nanna and grandad, etc who live a while away, and some of them are going away on holiday next week so i wont see them again before i go, just had a meal with them to say bye
    and it was lovely
    had good luck baloons, cards, DOLLARS :)

    Caaake :)

    it was tres beautiful <3 x
  20. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

    awww saying goodbye for a year to my gran will be well weird...i mean i've written her a letter pretty much every week i've been in uni, but over there it will probs be a more expensive option. she'll have to get e-mail :)

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