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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Janey, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. header

    header New Member

    AAWWW you must be pretty close to your nana to write every week.
  2. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    Hee hee I can't imagine my Nana knowing how to switch a computer on, let alone how to fetch an email ha ha ha! Get her on sky talk and she can phone you for free ;) Its sooooooooo nice that you write to her every week!!!
  3. katiej22

    katiej22 New Member

    Wish I could still write to mine - she'll have been 'on the other side' 5 years in August - but it still feels like she could still be at home. Sorry to put on a damper :( - will be weird not visiting her memorial tree on 5th August - for those of you there, if I'm upset then, you know why and I will want a hug :)

    I'm really close to my mum tho -we email almost every day, and talk often as well. She won't use skype tho as she doesn't like headsets, so will prob talk to my dad much more (not that we don't talk!)

    Less than a month to go now - it 4 weeks today!!! :)

    And Heartbeat is on tonight - second part of the one in Australia :) and I discovered old episodes are repeated on itv3 ;D

    But now back to coursework.... :mad:
  4. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

    yeah i reckon i'm her fave ;) she does love my crude jokes. but she's the only grandparent i've been able to get to know properly so i guess i keep that in mind and make a nice effort like

    heartbeat katie?! really :p haha i'd say that about eastenders, emmerdale etc...british tv is not always my fave!
  5. Janey

    Janey New Member

    Soon to London.. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!! I'm way exciteeeed.. woop woop!!! :D
  6. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    haha your gran sounds cool 8) I don't think mine would know how to turn a computer on.

    I'm soooo happy today, Sunderland survived the relagation battle and Newcastle AND Middlesbrough have gone down, hahahahahahahahaha!!! It makes me so very happy :D
  7. katiej22

    katiej22 New Member

    Did Hull go down??? Please say they did! (Hull is full of chavs and knife people!)

    Heartbeat is AWESOME!!! Although the plot this week was a little odd - a lot of build up to a race they didn't show... just the result.... and they didn't actually say this girl had died, but we assume she did.....
    But Heartbeat is great :) I only live (at home) about 45 mins - 1 hour away from were it is filmed, the Yorkshire Moors are so pretty! ;D

    And, I found out the other day that House starts next week again :) 8) - although on Sky 1 so I can't watch it at uni :(

    I'm generally happy and bubbly though today, even though the heating is bust, must be all the sleep!!!
    Peace out dudes!
  8. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    Nope! Hull survived! I'm happy happy happy, I can't wait to go to work on Tuesday, the Football rivalry is so huge, it's gonna be awesome ;D

    Yey yey yey, so excited for House starting again, I keep seeing HUGE posters everywhere, so excited!!
  9. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    This, and the website it comes from, makes me happy every day! ;D

  10. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

  11. LOL that's brilliant!!!

    I have officially finished my degree woo ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  12. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

    i've just done my second last exam...i think it went really bad :( i need to get 40 in everything to get a 2.1., so i just hope i've done enough... :-\
  13. Janey

    Janey New Member

    I'm so looking forward to the Champions League final tonight.. and seeing Britney in two weeks!! :)
  14. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

  15. katiej22

    katiej22 New Member

    Yeay ;D

    And Matt - I'm sure you've done fine :)
    I had an exam in January that I was convinced I had failed (was even trying to work out if I could resit in America!), but I managed to get a third, and a 2ii in the module overall with my coursework :) Not as good as I wanted (obv!), but it was chemistry so I was pleased!

    Um - I finished another piece of coursework today?
    We looked like we were invading somewhere while doing it LOL!
  16. Dan7

    Dan7 New Member

    I'm happy with Barca beating United tonight :D
  17. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    i know, me too... *ahhhh ronaldo* ::) :p
  18. *minnie**mouse*

    *minnie**mouse* New Member

    I'm very happy that I got to go see Leeds Rhinos score a glorious 46 points against Hull FC last night. Such a fun game, learnt some very colourful new chants.
  19. Janey

    Janey New Member

    Oh come on guys, not you as well... :-\ It's utterly ridiculous that a team which only gets two shots at goal from all thei defencing wins!!

    Anyways, I'm happy that we won Premier League, League Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup whic makes us officially the best club in the world... ;)
  20. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

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