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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Karritada, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Pommyy

    Pommyy New Member

    1. Troy ;D
    2. Gabriella
    3. Chad
    4. Ryan
    5. Sharpay
    6. Taylor

    what is your favourite karoke song?
  2. Janey

    Janey New Member

    I love all the big songs even though I can't sing to save my life! :D But it'd have to be sometjing like Total Eclipse of the Heart, I Will Survive or something fun like Wannabe. :D

    Sophie, you mean Koop?! OMG, that's random!!! I absolutely loooooved him in Idol and voted in the final like 5 times just make sure he wins! ♥ He's so talented and seems to be such an amazingly nice person. :)

    Passing on the karaoke question as I'm too tired to come up with a new one. :D
  3. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    Summer Nights from Grease, haha. Everytime in on karaoke i always grap someone to sing it with, such a great karaoke song. haha.

    Best holiday to go on with nothing disney related?
  4. gelatogirl

    gelatogirl Guest

    A two weeks long bathe, party and sightseeing vacation at Malta, a little island just two hours south of Sicily by boat.

    What's you favourite ride in world showcase?
  5. forloveofmusic

    forloveofmusic New Member

    I've allllways loved Maelstrom :) And I love the video at the end. It makes me happy. lol.

    Pass on
  6. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

    i really like the mexican one ("Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros") and maelstrom

    which of the disney classics attractions is your favourite (e.g. peter pan, dumbo etc...)
  7. Karritada

    Karritada New Member

    i love pirates of the carribean, yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me! (i am in 2 minds about the addition of johnny depp, on the one hand hes really hot :) on the other the original ride was awesome and didnt really need any changing) coming a very close second is the haunted mansion, i can ride them both over and over.

    on your ipod/mp3 player which song do you have on that makes you cringe? (mine is probably some of my cheesy pop from when i was a kid, dont have a clue why it was a good idea to upload it...stil, gotta love the cheesy pop)
  8. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    Chico time ;D

    I like the karaoke question too- mine's Shania Twain "Man I Feel Like a Woman" :D

    What is your favourite type of chocolate?
  9. sarah_1254

    sarah_1254 New Member


    favourite thing to do on a saturday night?
  10. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    Either get dressed up and go out with all my friends for cocktails and dancing (or shuffling awkwardly with beers for the boys) OR a film night with chocolate, wine and my friends (even the ones who make sarky comments about period dramas/girly films... although I will nick their socks when I have drunk enough wine, for some unknown reason)

    Favourite thing to do on a Monday morning IN STEAD of going to work :)
  11. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    Lye in and then go do something fun, haha.

    What is your favourite thing to do on a Friday night?
  12. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

    if i'm home and there's a cardiff match on, go down to watch them. especially when it's freezing and you come home and you're all warm again. i do, however, sometimes like to shuffle awkwardly with my beer!

    which of these "america's favourite past time" sports do you prefer, football or baseball?
  13. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    Baseball, although Basketball is even better!

    Are you someone who has to always look perfectly groomed even when they're just going to the supermarket (e.g for girls, hair perfectly styled, make up etc; boys same minus makeup haha!) or someone who just cares if they look tidy/presentable, or even someone who doesn't care at all!! :D
  14. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    I like to appear tidy and presentable, hehe. Even when wearing my trackies to uni and that, haha.
  15. forloveofmusic

    forloveofmusic New Member

    I never leave my house without makeup on. I feel naked without my eyeliner. Hair I don't really care, I often go out with it still wet from the shower.

    See thats how I feel about the Mexican one. I liked it much better before they added the Three Caballeros. Especially at the bit in the market where they're trying to sell you everything.

    What brand is your mobile?
    Nokia alllllll the wayyy
  16. Karritada

    Karritada New Member

    i have a sony ericsson, altho after 4 years of faithful service it has finally died, the back has fallen off so the battery keeps falling out and it works REALLY slowly so ive decided this afternoon is the afternoon to go buy a cheap new phone :)

    audrey hepburn or marilyn monroe?
  17. forloveofmusic

    forloveofmusic New Member

    Monroe!!! She was the exact kind of glam I would want to be. Beautiful, stylish and naughty ;)

    I just asked so I will pass this one on again.
  18. Janey

    Janey New Member

    The talented, beautiful and elegant Ms Hepburn all the way! ♥ All though it's really hard to choose between the two most glamorous and beautiful women in the movie business ever.

    "Surprisingly" I have a Nokia phone as well. ;)

    Can't come up with a question so passing on the Audrey vs. Marilyn one. :)
  19. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    Thats a toughy, but i would have to go with Audrey Hepburn, i dont know why but she just seemed more elegant and glamorous, but Monroe was an amazing women, singer and actor.

    I have a Samsung and i love it, wasnt really too keen on my Nokia but i still liked it.

    What has been the best ever day of your life?
  20. Dan7

    Dan7 New Member

    I have to say when my footy team Blackpool FC got promoted at Wembley to The Championship! Close 2nd probably our 1st match of the following season beating Leicester away! However we play Preston on Saturday at Deepdale so if we win the list could change :)


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