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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Karritada, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Karritada

    Karritada New Member

    i agree i wrote mine out and totally forgot about some awesome films, so its totally changed!

    it depends on the day of the week, but id rather have a big night in! get folks round crack open the beer/wine and get some food going. set up the wii for guitar hero (if anyone wants to play) and let the banter flow... then if the night in leads to a night out, even better! xxx
  2. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    Karri that night sounds fab we all have to do loads of those in florida! I'm exactly the same, I do love to go out when I'm in the mood, but I also love nights in with friends! Some of my best memories are of film nights with my friends... wine+pizza+chocolate :)

    How do you celebrate Easter?
  3. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

    if we're talking about just today, go to church, have lunch as a family, go to my aunties' house for an easter egg hunt with our little cousin and then usually just chillax in the evensoir i guess. the week before easter is usually pretty busy too though.

    excellent and relevant question, pass on :)
  4. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    Go to Church, have the Priest give us all our Easter treat (splash us, quite literally, with holy water... he grinned and then aimed for my face!), then today we went for a nice meal at a local pub. It was awesome. Its a proper ye olde country pub, it had a trap horse tethered outside and everything lol. I had pheasant! Yum. And then its like a normal day to be honest...

    Pass on again
  5. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

    i saw roadkill today, thought it might have been pheasant...i considered picking it up hahahaha
  6. Karritada

    Karritada New Member

    yesterday, i got up and when to do some pilates then went to asda and finally had dinner with my boyfriend and family. then we watched the golf :) fun fun

    what is your favourite music style and give an example in one of your favourite songs?
  7. forloveofmusic

    forloveofmusic New Member

    Let's just say Rock and within that category include it's subgenres or branches or whatever you want to call them (ie metal, classic rock, punk, so on and so on). The electric guitar is my friend :) I was fortunate enough to have rockfans as parents and grew up on mainly Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, knew all their songs backwards by the time I was 8 lol

    An example of one of my favorite songs... hmmm.... and one that truly represents rock...
    "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin is timeless. Or "Dream On" by Aerosmith.

    Basically any song ever written by Led Zep or Aerosmith (up to and including the Get a Grip album) represents Rock and Roll (also should note the LZ song of that name) in its truest form.

    Good one. Pass it onnnn.
  8. Cicada

    Cicada New Member

    My favourite music to listen to is Broadway musicals. I can't even pick a favourite song, but overall cd is probably Legally Blonde, Mary Poppins, Wicked, Avenue Q, Billy Elliot. The list could go on and on.

    I will pass this question on again
  9. the_anarky_boy

    the_anarky_boy New Member

    I love tons of kinds of music but my overall favourite music genre is punk, and all its subgenres (don't even ask!). From the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and the Clash, through to Bad Religion, Rancid, NOFX and Anti-flag, I love it all (apart from the "Oi!" movement in the early '80s).

    Over the decades its been blended with ska, rock 'n' roll, hip hop, electro, pop, folk and soul to create even more unique and interesting genres and sounds. So many bands claim influence by punk bands: Aerosmith claim influence from the New York Dolls, Ice Cube appears on a Clash tribute album I have, Slash from Guns and Roses loves the Ramones and Guns and Roses have covered "New Rose" by the Damned.

    The bands themselves differ so much too: Minor Threat were at the forefront of Straightedge (no drink, no drugs, no smoking, no sex before marriage and, in some extreme cases, veganism) while NOFX say its fine to take drugs casually and the Dropkick Murphys, while not condoning drugs, have songs about heavy drinking. Hardcore punk bands encourage violent mosh pits but also tell people to pick up anyone who falls over. Guttermouth got thrown off of the Warped Tour for throwing bottles at Simple Plan and New found Glory, while Rancid are friends with everyone. Travis Barker from Blink 182 went straight into bands after high school, while Dexter Holland of the Offspring has a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Molecular Biology and is a licensed pilot.

    Overall, the history, the energy and bands come together to make punk my favourite musical genre.

    Passin' it on!
  10. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    I used to hate this question but now I kinda like it, just pass on to the next post if you don't want to read me getting all into it and serious!


    I absolutely despise it when people say '<insert genre here> totally sucks' or even worse 'anything old sucks'
    For a start, if we are being pedantic, yesterday was 'old'. For the purpose of performance, we consider contemporary to be pretty much post 2000. When required to do a 'contemporary' piece, my teachers usually snigger if it was written before about 1990.

    So if you apply that across the board, that gets rid of most of the **generally** considered 'decent' pop music.

    Pop stands for Popular. Just to point that out.
    Popular music is what is the general public are digging at the time. So we have to be time-conscious when talking about pop music. When people ask 'what was life like before pop music?' they are asking a very deep philosophical question about the creation of the universe :p

    I also get annoyed when people start having a go at the current bands and stuff.
    We know it's manufactured and to make money. But it's bloody successful at that isn't it, and hey we all enjoy a bit of manufactured, generic stuff every so often. If it was that useless, they wouldn't make money.
    And money, girls and boys, is what the music business is about. For SOME PEOPLE. Not all of them.
    But it's not even a 21st century phenomena.
    At the start of the 1600s Monteverdi revealed L'Orfeo. Widely acknowledged as the first opera (not technically correct but there ya go), it got some major attention. And suddenly everyone wanted this opera lark in their town. L'Orfeo is bloody fantastic, an absolute masterpiece. but it kinda all goes downhill from there.
    Cause they all wanted money! Century down the line, and writing an opera was usually about writing songs for singers (just like today, when we moan that singers don't write their songs. They never have lol) and the singers 'owned' the song. And from there, composers just plagiarized their own works and others to piece together new 'operas' using songs already written. Just like making a new album. And it was a VERY successful business they made tons of cash. Not the most musically creative time but they were great 'successes'. Which is what a lot of people are very good at today - and if that's how they get their kicks, let them.

    And so onto the turn of the (previous) century, when african rhythms met the american bluesy tunes and jazz was born. Which bore rock. Which bore all these genres and subgenres we have today. It's all from the same place.
    Or let's go back and then turn the other way, composers got even deeper into politics and started having their music banned in some regimes which meant having to draw influence from new areas such as the folk tunes of a more PC source or avoiding their own techniques, or better still, covering them up! We started getting more subgenres than we could shake a stick at and they too are spreading. And minimalism (along with all it's subgenres) started merging with electronics, rock, pop, and all that to bring both 'sides' to the other.

    So almost anything goes now and I guess that anything *is* going at any one time somewhere!


    Right um, sorry about that hehe. I know that didn't answer the question, just questioned the question. What I mean to say is that all music is fascinating in some way - whether it's the history, the social/political context, the compositional techniques, the business school attached to it or just cause it's a good listen.

    So here's the answer.
    I really really like listening to...
    fantastic close harmony vocal groups; most anything rufus wainwright ever wrote or covered; cosi and figaro overtures - jiggy and ebs (if you understood what I just said and like it, pm me, I love you); Jaguar Skills; lots of the area loops and general sounds from the parks; THE TROLLEY SONG heh; One by One from TLK musical - and the rest of it but especially that and the other chants; quite a lot of the shows my fave at the moment is probably sunset blvd but mostly for the current production which is fab - go see it!; Sibelius 5; Tchaik 4


    FU music college, look what you do to innocent minds.
    I will never, ever be able to satisfy myself with any answer I ever give to the question!


    Passing question on!
    But also asking... do you like camomile tea?
  11. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    The above is all my own opinion and as such I'm not trying to pass it as a universally acknowledged law!
    And there are large, important chunks of the history of the universe left unmentioned which would make this the most confusing and probably generally annoying and boring if you're not me conversation on earth. Which I've probably succeeded at already SORRY! I just like out loud thinking sessions haha.
  12. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    My favourite music style at the moment is probably dance music. None of the singing hamster stuff, mind. And my favourite song is "I Want More" by Faithless. I'm a sucker for old school ballads though, as well. Yesterday on the way to work "Born In the USA" came on and I was like yeaaaaaaaaaaah! and turned the volume right up and sang along loudly (whilst driving past a busy mountain top snack bar with my windows down....) I also like rnb, pop (cheesier the better) and "alternative" stuff like Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Snow Patrol etc. etc. And I like classical music! And musicals.... OK I pretty much like everything except for singing hamsters and death metal....

    And I don't like camomile tea :(

    Pass on the music question!
  13. Janey

    Janey New Member

    To start with, thanks to Tiddelypom for an opinionated answer! It's always a good thing when someone is able to give well-argued opinion. :)

    What comes to the question itself, it is quite a hard one.. I listen to a lot of music, most of it mainstream-ish pop (sorry Tiddelypom!), pop-rock or rock from the 80's, 90's and 2000's. I also like some hard rock and metal songs but not all of them. And examples.. Well, songs that I love atm are Britney's If U Seek Amy, The Script's I'm Yours, Muse's Supermassive Black Hole, Disturbed's Stricken and Inside the Fire, Heart's Alone, Manowar's Number One.. Just to mention a few. These change all the time though.

    Good question, pass on!
  14. Dan7

    Dan7 New Member

    I grew up mostly on hiphop, so at home I listen to stuff like Rakim, Guru, Game, Jay-z, Biggie, Talib Kweli. Now I'm into more UK based artists like Sway, Plan B, Dappy, Chipmunk, etc.

    I have a wierd little collection on the side of Pendulum, Arctic Monkeys, Jamie Cullum, Amy Winehouse.
  15. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    Thanks for not slating me :p
    I just get going and have to curb myself before it all gets very messy!

    What? Nono, I like mainstream-ish pop as much as the next person. Lol. Be proud of it!

    More for me yay
  16. Janey

    Janey New Member

    Oh, I am, you can believe that. :D I was mainly apolozing for the use of the word pop. :D

    Major, MAJOR thumbs up for this!!
  17. forloveofmusic

    forloveofmusic New Member

    hehe you know I love that one :p

    Check this out (everyone should, its awesome), it's by Warmen, which is Janne from COB's side-project with Kimberly Goss on vocals, who is the ex-Mrs. Laiho.

    Me neither :-\

    Okay new question, sort of inspired by today's episode of Rachael Ray (cougars) - what celebrity do you really not care how much older/younger they are than you, you'd do them in a second anyways?

    NIKKI SIXX, Jon Bon Jovi, Bret Michaels, Sebastian Bach (see a trend here?), Billy Idol, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp....
  18. Dan7

    Dan7 New Member

    Hmmm to be honest I never really thought about it tons! I guess Rihanna, Megan Fox, Beyonce, Lily Allen. I dunno. I quite like short and cute girls, there's not loads of celebs like that.

  19. *minnie**mouse*

    *minnie**mouse* New Member

    I've loved Supermassive Black Hole since I heard it in the film Twilight. You've just made me play it again lol.

    Good question. Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Bon Jovi, Tom Welling, John Foreman from Switchfoot, Philip Schofield (don't ask), Orlando Bloom. Am I allowed to have 6?

    Pass this question on.
  20. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    Me then ;D

    Alan Rickman
    Colin Firth
    Mozart (as played by Tom Hulce in the film of Amadeus)
    Vladimir Jurowski

    Passing on

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