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  1. Ona

    Ona Member

    You'll be selling the real British cadburys in UK Merch. Although, it's EXTORSIONATE! $2.25 + tax (about £1.40!!! :eek: ) for a regular sized bar when I was there! :eek: I'm sure it's even more expensive now. You can however stock up on UK choc in Publix. They have lots of British food there too (even Irn Bru; Cuckoo cuckoo ;D ). You'll find it in the "ethnic aisle" Lol. ;D

    Ona x
  2. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    Oh Ona! Irn bru! I used to make everyone who came to visit me bring a bottle with them! ;D It's crazy as I don't drink it much here but used to miss it so much when I was in Florida! I remember having 2 cans of it in my fridge on the ship too at one point!!! ??? And getting one of my Welsh friends to bring me a bottle back when he went home for a week!!!!

    And expensive Cadbury's chocolate brings back memories too! British people used to make me laugh! They would come into tea, complain about the price of the chocolate but then come back in 10 minutes later and buy it anyway!!! They were only there for 2 weeks, you would think they could live without British choclate for a couple of weeks!!! ???

    You guys are lucky to have Publix close by now. Going to Wal-Mart used to be like doing Supermarket Sweep! The checkout people were always really slow so you had to shop really quickly so you could make it back on the next bus and not be stuck there for 2 hours!!! :mad:

    Laura. :D
  3. KC

    KC New Member

    *notes* Cadbury's... UK Merch... Publix Ethnic Isle...

    *nods* Thanks ladies! Muuuuuuuuuch appreciated! :D

    KC, addict
  4. Kristine

    Kristine New Member

    Snow white you are so right about Purdy's it is the best ever.....nothing can top them :)
  5. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    You do not know how much I'm craving proper chocolate right now.. I think that's the reason for my depression.. lack of chocolate (or maybe it's sleep)

    the one thing I'm missing right now is a cuddle, but I'm not sure that's something you can buy in Walmart ;)
  6. Ona

    Ona Member

    If you could buy one I def. wouldn't buy one from Wallmart! :eek: :eek: :eek: ;D ;D ;D

    Now Goodings.... perhaps. ;) A supermarket with carpeted floors. Odd odd odd. ;D

    Ona x
  7. monkian

    monkian New Member

    IRN BRU iRN BRU.......hooray......hooray fur girders!!!!!!
  8. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    I know! ^_^ it's great. Super fun to work for too. Great attention to detail and everything, just sucks they laid me off when they found out about Disney. :-\
  9. monkian

    monkian New Member

    ooohhh bad purdy's ...... *what er that may be*
  10. KC

    KC New Member

    Dont worry Louisa! I'm coming! And I'm bringing chocolate with me! Chocolate for yoooooooooooooooou!

    I'll start running (and then hop in the speedboat and then more running) immediately!

    I'll be there in about 57 days!
  11. topsassyuk

    topsassyuk New Member

    Kev - do you have enough room in your suitcase to bring me some chocolate too?

    Lou - I came into your place of work one night last week and looked out for you but couldnt see you, I need some hugs too so we should get together real soon.

    Oh and yes people Publix is just a short walk from the commons but when i walked there today in the blistering heat it seemed like miles!!!!!
  12. KC

    KC New Member

    Jess, maybe... if you're good ::)

    I may end up bringing a small ocean of chocolate, actually...

    It'll all get heavily irradiated going through those industrial X-Ray scanners that they put checked luggage through...

    So I hope that doesn't bugger it up :-\
  13. Tom19

    Tom19 New Member

    Kev, as long as you've got some left on June 11th! Haha, bring it all down - you'll need the suitcase space to bring back souvenirs, etc.
  14. monkian

    monkian New Member

    I should get me a new ticker that says ...1 WEEK 6 DAYS TILL CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!

    bleedin' lent....
  15. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Hey Jess :D

    Lol which night did you come in? If it was Wednesday then most likely I was playing at EPCOT, and any other night I could have been doing one of the million things I do at work.

    The best thing is just to ask for me LOL :D

    At work I go by the names of Louisa, Lou or England so any one of those should find me :D

    (Or if you're asking Jennifer, ask to speak to Lovely :p)

    But I won't confuse you with what everyone calls's mostly England though.

    Hehe strange people
  16. topsassyuk

    topsassyuk New Member

    I have no idea what night it was sorry, this past month all the days have kinda merged into one, next time i'm in the kingdom tho i will be sure to come look for you again and ask! Be sure to come find me if your ever in UK in world showcase too,for the moment i'll either be on the rose and crown podium or the chippie wearing my sexy hat!!!!!!!! ;)
  17. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Kind of sad isn't it that our oldest and most historical company (the Hudsons Bay Company) got bought out buy, you guessed it... an american company?!? Kind of makes me think twice about the olympic wear I bought this year... nah, it was still worth it!
  18. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Kind of sad isn't it that Canada's first and most historical company (Hudson's Bay Company) got bought out buy... you guessed it... an american company (although it was Target and not Wal Mart). Kinda made me think twice about the HBC olympic wear I got this year... nah, it was still worth it!
  19. Shivasauras

    Shivasauras New Member

    Im def going to bring over proper chocolate. The Hershey stuff fizzes in your mouth. I do love Tootsie Rolls and Im glad to hear the M&Ms are the same.
  20. doowop

    doowop New Member

    Im gonna miss space invaders the greatest crisps in the world!!

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