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  1. monkian

    monkian New Member

    no way?!? seriously?!? mind you i haven't even had the courage to eat a deep fried mars bar yet....i'm such a chicken!
  2. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    I've heard of deep fried Mars bars but never cream eggs. I think I'd pass out from the sweetness, I can barely eat them as it is!
  3. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Ya, Cadbury cream eggs have so much sugar! A little more than I can handle.

    I don't think they have Nestle in the states, I'm going to miss my smarties!!! m & m's just aren't the same!
  4. monkian

    monkian New Member

    so bad...but oh so gooooodd!!!

    nestle are the evil empire!!!bad nestle!!!
  5. *amy*

    *amy* New Member

    yes i totally agree nestle are evil!!! my uni has been certified as a fair trade uni and it refuses to sell nestle. Partners blend - load o rubbish its just a marketing ploy - rant over
  6. JaneLB

    JaneLB New Member

    I think I'm going to coherce my mother into sending care packages full of Tetley tea and smarties. Anyone want in? Name the item and I'll see if i can talk her into it ;D
  7. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    I still like their smarties :p
  8. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    also i have to say US style M&Ms bet the UK ones hands down 1 one reason really the do peanut butter ones erm!! lovely... has anyone guess i love peanut butter lol.... the only US chocolate i like

  9. april25th

    april25th New Member

    Allli have to say about british chocolate is GALAXY!!!!!!!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Ooh, does anyone know if Wal-Mart gift cards that are bought in Canada can be used there?
  11. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    95% sure you can do that.
  12. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Cool, so they jusy have a fixed exchange rate that they use?
  13. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    I'm not really sure, I know Toys R Us certificates work in US/Canada/Peurto Reco (spelling?), and I'm pretty sure I heard Wal-Mart was the same.
  14. theshox

    theshox New Member

    Then we are two my friend :D
    When I first start eating those (devishly) M&M's, I cannot stop

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