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  1. Ren013

    Ren013 New Member

    I'm hoping to do the 12 month program starting January 2013. I'm already obsessing since this will probably be my only chance so I wanted to get more info from people who have been accepted. So-

    What kind of working experience do you have?
    What are you studying?
    At what stage are you in your studies?
    Did you attend a presentation before applying?
    What roles did you apply for?
    Have you travelled before?
    How soon after applications opened did you apply?
    How old will you be when you attend the program?

    And also does anyone know approx. what percentage of applicants are successful from Aus. or how many people apply for this program?
  2. Smunk

    Smunk New Member

    Hi! I'm from Melbourne and I will do my best to answer your qs =)

    I've been accepted for the 12 month program as a character performer/operations cast member. I got accepted last year in September.

    I've had seven years of customer service experience, which I mentioned in my Disney interview, working at Coles and Bakers Delight, plus I was a student ambassador at my uni this past year. I'm just finishing up my honours year for a journalism degree, and will be completely finished with uni by the time I start the program.

    I found out about the program through a girl I knew who had done it, and didn't know much about it so I emailed Disney Recruiting to ask a few questions and I got a reply that included application forms and details about the upcoming presentations in Melbourne. I got excited about it and decided I wanted to do the program. So I filled in my forms, got my uni to sign them, and attended a presentation. I did my interview straight after the presentation because I had everything with me and the recruiter thought I might as well just do it there and then.

    I really wanted to be character performer so I mentioned that in my interview, and then I got measured for it, but I also put down merch as second pref, and hotel front desk as third. I got my first pref though so I was happy! I found out nine days after the interview that I'd got in.

    I have travelled heaps before - I was born in England so I've been through Europe quite a bit, and I've been to the U.S. once before, but never Florida.

    I'm not sure how soon applications opened before I applied, but I knew I had to get my forms and my application done before the presentation so I applied a few days before I went to it.

    I will be 22 when I start the program and will turn 23 over in America!

    Not sure how many people apply but at the presentation I attended there were only two of us who had an interview. And I'm fairly sure around 150-200 people went over last month in the Jan intake from Australia/NZ. I'd say the success rate from Aus is pretty high but I'd suggest you put a few preferences down if you want a better chance of getting in.

    I hope I helped you! If you have any more questions I will do my best to answer them =)
  3. Ren013

    Ren013 New Member

    Thanks Smunk. I would have similar answers to you for most of the questions so that's made me a little less stressed. Can you remember any of the interview questions that related to front desk operations? I'm a hospitality student so I'd be looking at hospitality focused roles. I have plenty of customer service experience and a year of childcare experience (which couldn't hurt in WDW) but nothing specifically related to hospitality. Does anyone know if this would make it more difficult to get into hospitality roles?
  4. Smunk

    Smunk New Member

    I doubt it would make it more difficult - from what I know a bit of experience prob helps a little but it definitely isn't necessary.

    I'm not too sure about questions relating to front desk. I was asked about my customer service experience, if I'd worked with money before, what I studied at uni, what I thought I'd get out of the program, why I wanted to do the program, and I do a lot of theatre so I was asked about that too - which is probably why I got the role of character performer.
  5. cammysan

    cammysan New Member

    Hi Ren, (and sof)

    @Smunk, I only just now worked out your name... :-\

    I too am from Melbourne, and have been accepted into the 12 month program, as a Character Performer. I got accepted on October 18. was the best day ever. i squealed.

    I've had two and a half years experience at a local subway sandwich store, so QSFB was out of the question for me, I didn't want to do that. But I have had many years of experience in theatre shows, sometimes doing three a year, and in my interview I expressed in the interview that I really enjoyed performing and that having the opportunity to bring to life and become friends with the characters that I've grown up with would be a tremendously great experience.

    I'm currently studying a Diploma of Management, and a bachelor of arts online, so it's all very hectic. I've got two months left on my DipMan, and about forever on my BA.

    I had always known about the program and knew it was something that I wanted to do once i had turned 21, it's way more fun then, if you're under 21, you're not allowed to drink or even go near an alcohol bottle, there were a couple of girls who got terminated for throwing out empty bottles. It took me a while to actually get all my forms together to apply, see here

    I was waiting on the proof of student status form the day I went to the interview/information session at RMIT. But once I did, I sent them all off and managed to land a Skype interview with one of the recruiters, who was the same person at the RMIT interviews. When I went to the session in September, Javier said that they were still accepting people to start in January!! :O
    I think that the applications for AU/NZ cast members just stays open, and you can send your info off to them anytime you like.

    I haven't left Australia before, but I've been to every state except for Tasmania.

    Hopefully you get in, I don't see why you shouldn't! It'd be great to see you start in January 2013!!

  6. Ren013

    Ren013 New Member

    Thanks both of you. And congratulations on getting accepted.

    I was assuming that applications would open on a certain date and hadn't seen anyone talking about starting 2013 so was just waiting. I emailed recruitment on Friday trying to find out a date and they emailed me back straight away asking for a resume so I guess they're ready for applications now.

    I updated my CV before sending it off and at the moment my biggest concern is that I don't have any experience in hotels. I'm doing a Bachelors of Business in Hospitality and Tourism Management with Honours (longest title ever) but all my experience is in IGA (not so exciting), a chemist/newsagency and 1 year as an au pair in England. So it's lots of customer service experience which I'm hoping will balance out the lack of hotel experience.

    The other concern is that I don't have specific leadership experience. I've been responsible for training new staff but I've never had an official leadership position. Did this stuff come up much in your interviews?

    Sorry I'm obsessing so much. I am VERY determined to get into this program.
  7. Smunk

    Smunk New Member

    Haha Cameron - clever aren't I?! I still find it funny that we both originally spoke to each other on here about the program and ended up getting almost the same role, the same dates, and we even live down the road from each other!!

    Ren - I honestly doubt that you need to have any experience in hotels. Considering that everyone applying is a student, I don't think Disney would expect anyone to have much experience in anything but basic retail or hospitality (as that's generally the kind of crappy work that us poor students have to do to survive!!). I think the fact that you're doing a degree in hospitality and tourism management is enough to give you the extra boost that other applicants prob won't have.

    I've never had much of a leadership position either, other than training a couple of new people - but I really emphasised in my interview that yes, I had been responsible for that training and I was praised for it by my employer. I think they key is to really talk yourself up in a modest way if that makes sense haha. For example I said in my interview something like "yes I do a lot of performing. Last year I did five major stage performances in the space of 10 months, and well... I guess I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it..." and my interviewer kind of laughed at that and moved on! And I believe that that is one of the things that got me my role, especially as I was told that my height would probably prevent me from being a performer =/

    You've had a lot of work experience involving customer service, you study hospitality and tourism, you've travelled and lived overseas before, you seem pretty committed and dedicated to getting a place in this program - I don't think you have anything to worry about!!!
  8. Ren013

    Ren013 New Member

    Thanks. I'm don't usually obsess over things this much but I figure if I'm ever going to obsess over anything the college program is worth it.
  9. brookie473

    brookie473 New Member

    Hey Hey!

    Are you applying for 2013? I am thinking of doing the same! I'm just working out whether or not I need to resume my online BA to get in or if my diploma in creative writing will be enough :S haha. Oh and I'm from Sydney :)

  10. Ren013

    Ren013 New Member

    Hi Brooke.

    I'm hoping for 2013 too. When did you finish your diploma? I think the rule is that you DON'T have to be a current student to work at Disney you have to start at Disney within 12 months of finishing the degree.
  11. Ren013

    Ren013 New Member

  12. brookie473

    brookie473 New Member

    Are you going for January or middle of the year? I finish it next year so possibly just before I go if I get accepted :) Fingers crossed!
  13. Ren013

    Ren013 New Member

    I'm hoping for January. I finish my course in October this year so I figure that gives me a couple of months with my family before taking off in Jan. If I don't get accepted for the January start program I'll probably apply for the mid-year start instead. Are you thinking of going for the mid-year start program?
  14. brookie473

    brookie473 New Member

    Yep, I have another course here in the states that starts in September and goes until May '13 so I'm hoping to get a little work in between coming back to AUS and leaving haha. Want to have some spending money :p
  15. Ren013

    Ren013 New Member

    I'm having the same kind of issue. Trying to decide if it's worth doing 6 months in Ayers Rock where I will make lots of money and have nothing to spend it on before starting the program mid-year. I kind of just want to get to WDW as soon as possible though. So more likely I'll just do horrible things to my credit card so I can start in Jan.

    All this depends on if, or when, I get accepted though.
  16. brookie473

    brookie473 New Member

    Hahaha. Yeah well I just got an email back from Disney saying that they are putting the date up for the presentations in mid april and to go to that when I want to apply. My problem is that I'll be in the USA then and probably wont get to one! Ahh. So who knows, maybe I wont make it to Disney next year, dang it.
  17. Ren013

    Ren013 New Member

    Can you do an online presentation instead? Or go to a presentation in the US while you're there? They must have some option for people who can't go.
  18. brookie473

    brookie473 New Member

    Mmm I sure hope so. The guy I have been emailing from Disney said he would talk to some lady about what my options are. So fingers crossed! :)

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