Hollywood Tower of Terror Dressing Gowns

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  1. Catherino

    Catherino New Member

    Hi guys, this part of the board seems a bit abandoned, so I hope someone sees this!

    I last went to WDW in 2009, and when I went on the Tower of Terror I bought one of the lovely hotel style towels, but have really regretted not buying the dressing gown! I've looked everywhere on line but just can't find it, does anyone know of anywhere online that I can get it (I'm in the UK, so somewhere that ships to here!)

    I really want one, and If I can find one my parents will probably get it as a birthday present for me!!

    Any help would be really appreciated,

    Thanks guys! xxx
  2. ellacunninghamx

    ellacunninghamx New Member

    Oh catherine they were totally in Paris last week! If I had known I would have got you one and brought it when I saw you! xxxx.
  3. Catherino

    Catherino New Member

    Drat! I suppose I'll just have to wait and hope that I get into the CRP, and if not I'll have to sort a cheeky trip to WDW/DLRP!

    Thanks though! xxx
  4. ellacunninghamx

    ellacunninghamx New Member

    That's okay! Yeah and il come with :)
  5. Catherino

    Catherino New Member

    Sounds like a cracking plan! I actually found flights to Paris for £25 each way, so if we're not lucky enough to make it this time, and are in need of a little pick me up... ;) :p
  6. vistaway

    vistaway New Member

  7. Catherino

    Catherino New Member

    Thanks for your help! However, they both have shipping charges of £50, I can get a return flight to Paris for that... so I think that may be a better (and much more fun!) option!! Much thanks though!

    Whyyyyy didn't I just buy it when I saw it? :(

    This and not taking History A level are my two biggest regrets in life!

  8. vistaway

    vistaway New Member


    I guess those are pretty big to ship...you'll just have to bug the next person you know who heads down to WDW!

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