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Discussion in 'ICP Applicants Discussion' started by mallory gatehouse, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, I never received the DOC or role checklist email but my disney dash board still says in progress

    Is there any hope I might still get in? I'm starting to think not....
  2. Becsta

    Becsta New Member

    Is this for the AU/NZ program? Because there is definitely hope. I got the DOC email months after other people even though I applied the week applications opened. Sometimes they just take ages to go through a particular application. I know it sucks but the only thing you can do is be patient. For the record, I got accepted into the program so there is definitely still hope :)
  3. Bree13

    Bree13 New Member

    Hi Mallory,
    With everything I have read the DOC request are all sent out at different times, so I wouldn't worry just yet if you have not received this :) and if your status still says in progress thats good, it would state no longer in consideration (i think) if you were no longer being considered.
    Also, the people that did receive the email, such as myself, got a weird email, it was a reminder saying that we had not uploaded anything, when we never received the first email, and then when we all tried to upload anyway we can not. So i think it must be a system error of some kind.
    Hope that we all get some kind of answer soon! Good Luck :)
  4. I'm from canada and I'm just worried because people are starting to get interviews now and I know it still says in progress so I should still hope but idk it hard when people are already talking about interviews
  5. Bree13

    Bree13 New Member

    Hi Mallory,
    People getting the DOC emails are for the AUS/NZ Exchange program, which could be why there is a difference, as they are different programs.
    Hope you find out soon :)
  6. Audrey

    Audrey New Member

    Hi Mallory,

    I applied in July 20014 for CRP and didn't hear anything until Jan 2015 so there is definitely still hope! The next set of interviews are in Vancouver Feb 26 so there's still time to have an offer extended. From what I gather they do 2 sets a year; 1 in Vancouver in February/March and the other in Toronto in November. I think they try and schedule you into whichever interview area is closer to where you live. @mallory gatehouse
  7. Jayze

    Jayze Member

    Hi Mallory,

    There is definitely hope! i applied october 3rd 2014 for AUS/NZ exchange program and found out this morning i have an interview March 20 in NZ. my dashboard stayed on "in progress" the entire time.

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