how does pay work on dcl?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by charlie, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. charlie

    charlie Guest

    hello everyone,

    was wondering if someone could help me? how do you get paid on the DCL, do we have to have an america bank account like the IP program or do we get cheque and if so do they cash it for us? how much on average is the pay also? and does it differ between jobs? and basically any other pay related info you may have...

    a few of us worked in uk at epcot in 2003 and 2004 and have been considering the DCL. does anyone know also if they hold interviews in uk other than in london.. i.e. maybe belfast or glasgow?

    any info would be great guys..

    thanks, charlie.. :)
  2. shannypooh2

    shannypooh2 New Member

    Crew members are paid bi-weekly in cheque form. You may open an American account and have pay deposited directly into that account. The Crew Office will also cash pay cheques at no charge. Pay really varies depending on dept. and position.
    As for interviews, you would have to contact the recruiter for the UK. You may find this at the DCL jobs website.

    Hope that helps,

    DCL Merchandise, 2000-present
  3. charlie

    charlie Guest

    thank you shannon,

    that helps a lot, is there any area that you recommend applying for on board, i dont want to do food and bev. i have seven years experience in merchandise, one of them being epcot uk, i am just finishing my management degree in uni as well.. but just not sure what to apply for.. what all jobs are on offer to uk people.. dont worry if u dont know.. any info would be great..

    charlie.. :)
  4. shannypooh2

    shannypooh2 New Member

    Hi Charlie,
    I would recommend applying for something you have at least 2 yrs. experience in. By the sounds of it that would be Merchandise. Most jobs onboard are offered to UK folk however you find most working in Merch., Programming, Guest Services and F&B. But all depts. do require you have at least 2 yrs. experience. Check out the website I posted previously. You could also look at the Canadian recruiters website. There is lots of info on that site and it is:

    Let me know if you need any more info!
    p.s. I can tell you that Merch. is salaried, are paid sign-off and re-sign bonuses as well as quarterly bonuses based on sales and Guest service scores. We work about 70 hrs a week and have most hours in port off as we are unable to open due to customs regulations...and added bonus. Also have 6 mth contracts with 8 week breaks in between contracts.
  5. shannybanany

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    Hi Shannon,

    The UK recruiter for F&B on the website is wrong and we can't seem to find the right place. Do you have any other suggestions for places to try...even somewhere where you can speak directly with cruise people instead of a machine??? Any help is much appreciated!

  6. shannypooh2

    shannypooh2 New Member

    Try calling 407-566-SHIP. Otherwise I'm really not sure who you would contact from the UK. I thought it was something like Seafar??? They recruit for Merch. I believe. Try calling that or try this:

    PO BOX 145
    WA3 7WH
    on the cast-a-way website you can access this info and seems you can apply there too. Give that a try maybe, this is something new for Castaway to be taking applications from Internationals I believe.

  7. shannypooh2

    shannypooh2 New Member

    I was just on the Castaway website and if you click on the UK on the map that appears you will be directed to the new Cast-a-way.UK page on the site. Seems they have made a few changes in the past day or two! You can also get info on upcoming interviews etc. on the site.

    Good Luck!!

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