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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scottyb1, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. scottyb1

    scottyb1 New Member

    I have read on someone's blog that they walked from the commons to International Drive and caught the I-Ride trolley to the attractions there in about 10 minutes. Is this accurate? Is it really that close?
  2. RCP

    RCP New Member

    They dont walk all the way down to I-Drive, the bus line and the Trolly line begins at the back of the Orlando's Premium Outlets. So close to the commons! then you take the bus or the trolly and goes all the way down and up I-Drive. Bell's Outles, Pointe Orlando, Wild Waters... and so on.

  3. scottyb1

    scottyb1 New Member

    Yeah I know what the I-Ride is I just didn't know it was that close! That's awesome! There was me thinking I was gonna have to get a taxi to Universal all the time.

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