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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by malaika, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. malaika

    malaika New Member

    ??? hello, can anyone please tell me how I could apply for the WDW-College Program? are there any adresses or persons I can contact? what are the requirements for getting part of this kind of programme?

    thanks to all!
  2. Nina

    Nina New Member

    It Depends!
    Which program are you applying for?
    The 3 months Summer College program or the graduate one and where are you from? ;D
  3. malaika

    malaika New Member

    I´d like to apply for the 3 months college programm this summer (June-August).
    I´m from Germany.
  4. Nina

    Nina New Member

    Norway, France, Germany & Italy

    09 rue Dupleix
    56100 Lorient
    Telephone Number: +33 2 97841114
    Fax Number: +33 2 97840422
    E-mail Address:

    Just copied this from this Disney site so try Emailing them and they should be able to help ya ;D

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