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  1. Hanby

    Hanby New Member

    This may be a really stupid question....
    If we are going out in the US do we have to use our passports or will a drivers licence do?
    Is there a 21+ card we can get over there that would be valid and worthwhile getting??
    I ask partly because (I'm not sure if its all NZ drivers licences) my licence doesn't look legit, like the card itself not the picture. I have even had bouncers over here double take and get all shitty because they think its a fake...

    Haha I had to modify this just to add how I love that this forum changed my 'swear word' to "mickey"
  2. citylightsTAM

    citylightsTAM New Member

    Use your passport over there. Security at us clubs don't know how to identify other country's ID. But its probably easier to get a Florida ID card so as to make it easier. I think I plan on doing that.
  3. lilacwhisper

    lilacwhisper New Member

    It shouldn't be difficult to get an ID in Florida, have a look here: http://www.gathergoget.com/checklist/checklist.aspx
    I'll surely try to get one as soon as I get my social security number, because I don't like the idea of wandering with my passport in my bag... I'm scared at the idea of losing it :(

    You can even make an appointment on-line when you decide to apply for an ID: https://www8.hsmv.state.fl.us/Oasis/web/pages/onlineAppointments.jsp

  4. Hanby

    Hanby New Member

    Thats good! I was worried because I ALWAYS lose things and figured that it would much much easier if I could lock my passport away unless I am using it for travel!.

    lilacwhisper -you start a month earlier than both of us so you can tell us how easy that whole process is!
  5. lilacwhisper

    lilacwhisper New Member

    In case I get my ID before your arrival, I'll surely give you all the details you may need ;)
    I'm also interested in getting a new driving license in Florida, since mine (which is Italian) won't be accepted. I'm not going to buy a car, but I wouldn't mind renting one for short trips in Florida. The local bureau where you get your new ID is the same where you can also get your new driving license, if I'm not wrong :)
  6. ~Disney_Princess~

    ~Disney_Princess~ New Member

    I wouldn't use your passport for ID. It's not worth the risk in losing it plus the I-94 card that gets stapled in there when you go through customs. That card alone costs $330 to replace. Your drivers license will be fine, bouncers and bartenders are used to foreign IDs around here.

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