I only lasted for five days on ICP at Disney

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by jenn1984, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    I AGREE!!! I don't think you gave it a good chance at all! You gave up, and that's sad. People DREAM of getting into WDW one way or another. Some people apply over and over again...you got a chance, and blew it off!

    Sorry, but it took me about 1-2 months to get settled in. My apartment was gross, my roommate was a tramp, I had NO friends because an old college mate of mine went and lied about me before I arrived, I couldn't memorize the speech for the attraction, I hated the costume (they didn't have anything that fit me - clothes OR shoes)..etc..etc.....I was MISERABLE.

    But I gave it shot, and ended up meeting some of the BEST FRIENDS of my LIFE. I ended up loving my job and loving my life in Florida. I cried for ever when I came back!!

    Sure, I called home many times crying..I missed my family, I missed my friends, I missed my old job that I was good at... but that's normal.

    Sorry, but I don't think you gave it a fair shot. You should have prepared yourself for not only adapting to a new job, but a new life as well. I mean, did you REALLY think that you could adapt in 5 days????

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but it really upsets me when I see people blowing a once in a lifetime opportunity like this, when so many other people are struggling to get in on the chance.

    I personally think this thread is good though.... At least it's letting people know that it's not such an easy transition for everyone, and to prepare for changes you may not have thought of...and TO GIVE IT SHOT, and not be a quitter.

    Blunt? Maybe, but 5 days is just plain sad.
  2. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Sorry, but I have to play the devil's advocate here. Leaving after 5 days is a pretty quick and rash decision to make, but you gotta remember that only the person going through it knows their own circumstances. Last year, I lived with 3 of my friends after having lived in residence for 2 years. We are all very close and having to see each other every single day, you would expect everyone to know everything about the others. But even then, there are circumstances, there are different factors that go into each person's decisions, that no one else knows about. And so if that happens with people who are so close, then I don't think its fair to judge someone's decision without knowing their circumstances. Contrary to what many of us like to believe, Disney is not always the most important thing in the world, there are other things in life which take precedence.
  3. jenn1984

    jenn1984 Guest

    Thanks Matt. I really couldn't have said it better myself. The majority of people have been very quick to judge without knowing all the facts. Yeah, working at Disney is a great opportunity, but it's not for everyone, and it's certainly not the "be all and and all" some are making it out to be. I left, it wasn't for me based on MY experiences, but good luck and a happy summer to those out there.
  4. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    No problem. Hope you have an awesome summer and best wishes with all that you endeavour!
  5. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    Wow SarahJane, kudos to you for sticking it out. You really made it worth while and know that you were granted this opportunity when some aren't so lucky..and I know now, I'll be able to stick it out no matter how much I miss my family and friends.
    Atleast I hope someone really greatful got Jenn's now open position and made the best of it as well, no matter what was thrown at her.
  6. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Lol, don't get me wrong snow.white...it wasn't the worst thing I've ever gone through! :D

    Matt, you make a valid point, but really.. five days? Depsite anybody's situation, that's just not enough time.

    Hey my husband and I bought a new home in the, gasp, suburbs. I had been living in the middle of downtown, in the heart of it all, for YEARS. Ya, even after 5 days I felt like we made a wrong decision.... But I didn't back out or give up. I knew I made this decision for a reason, and to be fair to myself, I gave it a shot. I LOVE where I live now.

    So in comparison,.... though I was really depressed at the beginning in WDW, I knew I made that decision for a reason, and to be fair to myself, and to WDW for believing in me and spending their time and money on me, I gave a chance.

    Sorry, but I cannot be convinced that 5 days is a valid period of time to have given it a real honest to goodness chance.

    The only reason I can see someone giving up after 5 days is if there was a death in the family to return home to, or a grave illness, or your house back home burned down...that kind of thing. Something drastic.

    And sorry, if (in my opinion anyways), if what ocurred to her counts as one of those life-altering drastic moments, she wouldn't have posted here on these boards. Read her original post...it just doesn't sound like anything other than she blew her money, her time, and the chance of a lifetime.
  7. hannahike

    hannahike New Member

    Hey guys!

    Im into my second week here.... i arrived on May 30th. Im in one of them apartments where u just live in the same apartment as people, none of us hang out with each other. And i dont really know many people, i mostly hang out with a few people i know off here and some that i met through others and thats it. I have days where i wake up and think... what am i doing here?..... i have 11 weeks left of this, i want to go home.... but i know that once im up and at work then im fine. Im working at Fantasmic and at the Parade both in MGM and i love it there!! I have a boyfriend back home and there is not a day that goes by that i say to myself.... i miss him so much, but i know i will be back with him in so many week and this is an ace oppurtunity that i would be mad to miss how ever homesick i get. I like my days off where i can just hang out with the few friends i have made here so far..... it doesnt matter how many friends u have made... as long as ur havin a great time then its all good!

    Anywho thats all i have to say!

    Hope that who ever is out here is having a great time and who ever is about to come out her, i hope ur experiance here will be a good one!
  8. jenn1984

    jenn1984 Guest

    I guess lots of people are finding it tough out there. It's too bad I didn't get the chance to meet any of you. Everyone I met loved every minute of being in Orlando which made me feel even worse for not feeling that way.

    Sarah Jane, we here in the UK live in a democracy, which means everyone is entitled to express their opinions. I respect everyones views (hence why I posted here) and accept them. However, when expressing opinions there is such a thing is tact, which you don't seem to have mastered. You have a right to comment, but perhaps articulating your views in a nicer mannor would be beneficial. As would respecting the views of others. Sorry if that seemed harsh but it's just a suggestion.
  9. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    I will probably regret posting anything in this thread, as there seems to be a fair amount of anger floating about- and i do hate it when threads get like this. But all I really wanted to say is that everyone has valid points- Im sure that Jenn, you knew that if you posted this thread that you would get good and bad responses, after all if you've been on the site before you know how it can get! And those who have posted negative responses have done so because they feel so passionately about this opportunity.


    Debate and opinion are great, but lets not make it nasty. The only way conversations like this can be fair is if both sides give their argument, and reason it, but dont make it personal. Its really Jenns business how long she gave it, and whether she left or not, and her posting on this site is well within her right. In the same respect it is the right of those who agree/disagree with her decision to post here BUT do so in a way that isnt personal- its not about 'what jenn did' but rather what people feel others could do in the future to perhaps use their opportunity differently.

    So please guys, lets not have another nasty thred- there seem to be so many of them sometimes. Advice etc is great, but lets try and remember everyones feelings and use 'i feel' rather than 'i dont think you should/shouldn't/could/couldn't have'

    Big Disney Hugs



    PS Please dont all attack me for this post, im just trying to keep the peace :-* Love you all x0x
  10. Mara Mouse

    Mara Mouse New Member

    Gem I completely agree! Dissagrement is healthy, but you still need to respect each other. I've kept my mouth shut on this thread, but I've definately been keeping an eye on it.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one upset by other people's comments ... even when they're not directed at me.

    I think the important thing to get out of this thread is how everyone sees thing differently ... and one key to surviving in Disney is remembering that not everyone is just like you, and you have to be sensitive to that ... especially with roomates.

    Ooo ... here's another good one. Jenn you said that everyone seemed to be having a good time and that made you feel worse for not loving it. I can totally relate to that ... infact I forsee that being a huge problem for me ... the joys of social anxiety. But this thread just goes to remind me that even if I feel like the only one having a hard time I'm probably wrong, and if I can remember that I may be able to cope better.

    Mara loves Gemma!
  11. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    Gemma Loves Mara

  12. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    Great points Gem! And Mara - I hope you get a chance to meet my daughter Shayna - she seems to be doing better and enjoying herself more now that her work schedule has settled down a bit! I'm flying down tomorrow (woohoo!) to spend some time with her and can't wait! ;D

    Take care and when you get down there, feel free to contact her...her telephone extension at Vista is 2714 and her apartment is #3302.
  13. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    Im so pleased shes settling in now :) I'll definately look out for her when I arrive in a months time!

  14. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    Oh! Mom o' Applicant!
    I was reading John's blog, if it's the same Shayna it looks like she's having a great time!
    I'm glad she stuck it out, I'll be looking her up with my JAM girls and Gemma when I get there.
  15. Kristine

    Kristine New Member

    I believe it is the same Shayna and she does look like shes having a lot of fun, thats great!

    I can't wait to meet everyone.....I can't wait to get there
  16. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    From what Johns told me it IS the same Shayna
  17. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    So are we only supposed to reply if we are sympathetic?

    I didn't think I was harsh or mean. I was blunt, yes, but not intensely harsh. I stated my opinion, and if people don't want a true opinion, they shouldn't post.

    I re-read my posts, and I do not take anything back...perhaps it is all in the misunderstood tone of the written word....intentions can often be miscontrued. But I was not harsh or nasty. I just don't think she gave WDW a fair chance. Why should I state otherwise?

    If anyone honestly, genuninely and sincerely feels that her 5-day stint was giving it a heartfelt fair chance, than say so. So far, only people have sympathized, but no one has said "Yup, 5 days sounds like a fair shot to me".

    Just because I'm honest doesn't mean I'm nasty.
  18. Mara Mouse

    Mara Mouse New Member

    Unfortunately that is one of the realities of communication online ... we need to use a little more tact,and be aware that not everything comes across the way we intend it to. However I'm not sure how the phrase "you blew it" can be construed as anything nice.

    Jenn didn't blow anything, she just decided that the experience wasn't worth the way she felt. What may be the "chance of a lifetime" for some of us isn't the dream come true to everyone. We've all heard stories of people who all had very different motives for applying, and if you don't have the motivation to stick it out than is it really worth feeling crummy over? Add to that the fact that not everyone handles stress (etc.) the same way. We're all unique, we all have unique experiences ... and we all have unique desicions.

    This thread serves a very real purpose for me. Some of you may have seen in another thread that I shared the fact that I have social anxiety, an issue I have certianly made progress on in the last year, but none the less still worries me from time to time. This thread is a very real reminder that Disney is still part of the real world. Not everything is great, I have to be prepared to deal with my anxiety and be aware that not everyone in Florida is going to be sensitive to (sometimes odd) desicions I make based on my unique (distorted) perspective.
  19. FeeBleu

    FeeBleu New Member

    Hum... I did not read the only thing... All I read was Jen's post. I've just got one thing to say : hope you will find something better. Its true its sad you gave it only 5 days but its your choice. Also its sad to see how you give up easily, life is full challenges and believe me I know it (even though Im 19 only). But if you thought it wasnt right for you, once again its your choice. Next time you try something give yourself at least a month. ;) Believe me I quited from my job after two months because I did not like it all. Even with trying very hard, I ended up quiting (plus I was leaving for the US on top of it).

    I will just wish you luck for the future ;).
  20. robb2020

    robb2020 New Member

    Hi there gals and guys.

    I was just going through the post, and I think I have something in common with Jenn.
    I started the International program on March 2005, which as u know is a year in lenght.

    But I returned 6.5 months later, in late September. I was very sad because I do had lots of expectations. I didnt got along to well with the last arrivals at my apartment, but out of those the other 5 guys were cool, in fact I though I had the best room mate ever.

    My highest deception was that I though I could get a partner while I was there, but it didnt happen. I tried with 3 different people, and it turn out they just wanted to have fun, while I was of the idea of having something formal. After the last deception I decided to turn back.

    The bad thing is that I was so sad and angry, that I made the little faults that I was living with ENORMOUS enough to make myself say "yes I need to go". I told myself, hey this job sucks, hey ur friends dont care about you, and  ur department is so dirty. And also at the time my mom was very sick, even though I had visited her for a week a month earlier, I told myself I had to come back, even though my mom didnt wanted me to end my dream for her....

    When I got home, I told myself "it was the best thing I could do". But later on I began to think all the good things that I had left behind....
    After a time I realised that they totally overweighted the bad....

    Now, after 8 months, I have heard again of my arrival team, they are all back home, I can see some of their photos in their personal homepages, and I do regret coming back.
    I was so sad at the time I choose to self terminate, while I did enjoyed my job, even though I was working extra hours. I love Disney, I love the parks, never got bored of them. And I also began to think that maybe i didnt have to have a partner to be happy. I could have gone to parties, meet new people, travelling...

    I know that regreting and thinking in the "IF I HAD....." are not good, but I do think that I made the choice quite quickly, i must had compared first.

    Well hope u have learned from this story.
    But I do not think that it will be my end as cast member....

    Thank you for reading
    Robb :)

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