I only lasted for five days on ICP at Disney

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by jenn1984, Jun 4, 2006.

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    Mara's right in that everyone is different and how everyone evaluates things differently. The famous expression "Put yourself in the other person's shoes" comes to mind. What also comes to mind is how wrong it can be. After all, even when we try our hardest, we can only imagine what it's like and that is by no means accurate at all. It is also impossible for us to think in the way that the other person thinks since we have all been in different situations and experiences and we are different people. Sarah Jane, you state that you don't believe that 5 days was enough, and there's nothing wrong with that, but is it not possible that maybe your situation and experiences do not allow you to grasp how someone could make a decision so quickly? And who's to say everything needs to be given a fair chance? As much as it is a harsh reality, the world is not fair and that's something we need to deal with. Also, why does this decision require a better reason than simply not wanting to go through with it? Let us use "Fear Factor" as an example. If I were required to do any of the stunts, I would go for it and try my hardest. If I had to eat some weird stuff, I would try and get through it, but my determination would not be as strong as for a stunt. If I had to lay in a pile of snakes or have tarantulas crawling all over my head, I would not hesitate to pack up and leave. Would that make me a quitter or a wimp? No! There are simply some circumstances which I would not like to encounter and if I ever found myself in that situation, I would remove myself from it. Having the $50000 may be rewarding enough for some people, in my mind, that would not be worth it. And I'm sure you're all thinking something different in terms of what would be worth it. What it comes down to, is do we think that sticking it out is worth the potential reward? In terms of Disney, I would stick it out because I believe that the potential benefits of this experience, is worth more than the harm that may come to me, but I realize that not everyone shares the same view and neither do I expect them to.

    Sarah Jane, you are right that not only people who sympathize should post here. I don't think that's what Jenn was looking for anyways. What we should have though, is empathy, understanding. Not necessarily understanding her decision, but just understanding her.

    That's tough Robb... wondering "what if". I can totally relate to how when making the decision, there are so many different things that influence you and you may look back at it later and say... I could have done this or that and WHAT IF I had done this or that. But that's not the way to live, living in the past, regretting all your decisions. Sure, you want to look back, but I believe that it is not to wonder, but to learn. Everyone makes decisions and everyone makes mistakes, but if you don't learn from them, then you'll just keep on making them. Whether or not the decision was a mistake or whether it was the perfect choice doesn't matter. What matters is that you use the outcome of it, to make a better choice the next time. Robb, you did exactly this, you looked back on your decision and decided that it was a mistake, but at least now you've learned and know not to make the same mistake. Now, Jenn may look back in the future and realize it was a mistake, or on the otherhand, she may look back and see that it was the best choice she ever made and only time will tell. We can't do anything to change the past, so the best we can do is look to the future and make the best of it.
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    Robb, reading your post made me think of quite a few people who did exactly the same as you and also of 2 of my closest friends out there who almost made the same decision but changed their minds at the last moment and stayed. And for that I am so thankful. My year would have been a totally different experience without those people being a part of it.

    It is a tough decision to make either way but I honestly believe that unless there is a very good reason for leaving (and even if there is), there will always be a little part or you thinking "What if?".

    I've avoided this post till now. ::) I can see things from both points of view. I did a BUNAC work America program a few years back now and I left the area after 5 days, and the country after 2 weeks. It was due entirely to the disorganisation of the situation and the entire living situation. I still do not regret that decision today. And neither do I regret going in the first place. I learnt alot about myself from that experience.

    But as you can imagine, when it came to going on the IP, I was terrified I was gonna be home after a week. Thankfully I was not (I extended infact! ;D) and I had the most amazing time. I think every experience is different and should be treated as such.

    But having seen some of my closest friends on the verge of making a mistake and leaving the IP I would have to urge folks to give it (for the IP at least) a couple of months. Your first few weeks are an entirely different experience from the majority of your time there. You'll prob. hang out with different people, do different things, work differnt hours and be far more free from anxiety after those 2 months. To get to that stage however, in my opinion is worth a couple of weeks of feeling like a fish out of water.

    But that is me. Everyone is different. But I would def. say to anyone who's friend on the IP/ICP etc. wants to leave, do evreything in your power (short of chaining them up...well unless that's what they're into ;D) to make them stay. They will appreciate that they have a friend who cares about them and that can make any bad situation fell soooo much better. :)

    Ona x
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    everything has really been said...very well...but i do like this thread as it not only highlights some problems that may occur but also shows how much strength we can find in other people as we all hear people wanting everybody to stay and everybody to have a great time erm...yeah does this make sense...i guess i'm just glad that it kinda gives a pre show of how well peopl can bond in this situation...but maybe that can be a problem as new people arrive and try and break into the pre forged bonds i guess at times they can feel alienated...no one wants to feel like an outsider (trust me) ............and i guess in all the excitment some may forget what there first days are like.....and i hate to say it but girls can get very clique-ish ...........and in that atmosphere in an attempt to form new families it must be easy to fall into set groups.

    i hope this makes sense.... i know 5 days isn't long enough and when i first read it it was very easy for me to say stoopid lass...she must be young...sorry (actually what i thought was a little harsher sorry) but it was first and foremost her decision. what we have to do is learn from her decision and the stories others like Rob and Ona are telling us.

    i myself do not quit (i hope) (and quitting can be a good thing when linked to smoking alcohol ...drugs in general ;D so its not always evil..go quitters of the world!!) err what was i saying....oh yah no quitting for me even if i am a complete norman you will find me having a whale of a time ridding splash mountain or at the indie show...i don't care and i'm too old to care about any highschool mentality that might be about... but i will be there for anyone who wants a friend!

    sorry this is long winded and confuzzling but there it is!
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    Hey guys,

    Thank you for ur comments.

    Of course I do regret comming back, but in the other hand I have done many things I couldn't have done if I had stayed. I applied for College, and I am starting August 7th, after 2.5 years of not going to school. And I can't wait.

    I have helped my mom through her illness. I learned to drive. I have done a really good stuff for my family here at home, like reparing here, doing that, cutting the loan. I have helped my grandma to obtain here visa, and we are heading fro Boston in July11th.

    In fact, reading Ona's post, I began to think that maybe that was one of the things that didnt happen to me. I can't deny that the few people I told them were sad when they got the notice, but no one asked me to think it over, well expect one very special guy. But the others told me "ok is your choice" and that was it.

    I have learned from this experience A LOT. I have never regret going there, a little bit for comming back. But I learned so much. It was quite a hard time to adapt, but guess everyone needs it. But I also had the best time of my life, and there were countless good days!!!!

    I do hope, I can return. I dont know if it is possible. Of course right now with college I have to wait at least 4 years. But I would love to go back, and have the mentality of having fun, plain fun.

    Thanks for reading
    Robb ;D
  5. SarahJane

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    Matt1133, I hate you ;) ;) ;)

    You always write so eloquently. I've read other posts of yours and you always write so well!

    Well, sure, maybe I didn't choose the best wording...my true intention was not to be mean, but again, I won't change my opinion.

    But I will disagree with you when it comes to giving everything a fair chance...I believe everything in life that one considers for themselves should be given a shot. Like I applied to an arts school for drama when I was a teen (picture "Fame" here). I auditioned, and got in. I clearly did not fit in from day one. But I gave it a month, and when I realized it really wasn't for me, I left. If I had only given it 5 days, I would have let down everyone, including myself...and frankly, it wouldn't have been fair to the person who didn't get in and I got a spot and they didn't.

    As for the Fear Factor...Come on! :D You wouldn't even TRY a fried tarantula? Not have a snake on your shoulders for a minute! I totally would! I would totally freak out too, but at least I'd try ;) . Hey, if I did all the work to apply for Fear Factor, fly all the way to California and get on the show, I'd have to give it a shot, right?
  6. FeeBleu

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    I have only one thing to say : live your life fully, dont have any regrets because it would just make your life miserable.... Boy if Id stop if all the regrets and mistakes I did I would not be here.... LOL ;D I had so much responsibilities on my back (still do) that quiting is not part of my vocabulary (only when it drives me "sick", which happened only once after 2 months as a reservasionist).
  7. Mara Mouse

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    Tarantulas? Yuck! The food challenges are the ones I know I can't do. However I'll cuddle with all the rats I have to ... as long as I know their not full of diseases. I had a mouse up my sleeve once ... it was kind of funny. *laugh*

    Ana, I agree ... it's nice to know how supportive people can be. So often in life we need help but are afraid to ask for it because we're afraid of looking weak or it won't be offered.

    And I also have no time for high school mentality ... already had no time for it when I was actually in high school. Life is just too short to spend it with people you don't enjoy, doing things that makes you unhappy!

    No regrets ...

    Life is music, play it louder!
    - Natasha Beddingfield
  8. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    I'm sorry! Please don't hate me :-\

    Was there supposed to be something in that quote that got deleted? I hope not, I do try to word things as best as I can. I usually take a long long time to think things out and write them. If anyone ever has like a deep serious talk with me, you'll be sure to find that out. Sometimes my friends say I talk to myself in my head, more than I talk to them!

    Sarah Jane, don't worry about it. It happens, especially with the internet since people's tones are unknown. Take this for example:
    When I first saw that, I was totally shocked! but then I saw the little emoticons and it was all better. :D

    Well I respect your opinion and I respect the fact that you hold it. It is good to be strong in what you believe. Some people may call it stubborness, but hey, we aren't we all to some extent? There is a saying I like, it goes "If you don't stand for anything, then you'll fall for anything"

    As for fear factor. It would depend I guess, rats might be ok, tarantulas definitely not and snakes definitely not. Eating I could probably get through anything, except maybe hard crunchy bugs... that might be tougher... but throw all the pig nuts and whatever brains at me. If I didn't try it, I wouldn't regret it, at least I would have had a good experience. Oh, and its not just a snake on your shoulder, its like dozens of snake crawling all around you! Ugh!

    In the end, the Blue fairy is quite wise since she not only tells us that
    "We must always believe in our wishes, for they are the magic in the world!", but also to
    No matter what happens, even if the choice one made was the wrong one, live so that one turns it into the right one.
  9. gemmalou

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    Hey Guys

    Im so happy with this post now, its great. Having discussions like this is brilliant, and its nice to know everyone has their own anxieties (not that its good you have anxieties, its just good that you can accept them and be comfortable with them) Im not the most confident person, although some say I come accross like that. However inisde I feel like a timid little 12 year old! Ive had knocks in my life which have changed me a bit, but most of all I just want to be liked :) I hate arguments and confrontation- Id rather just be everyones friend :) Which is why this post is so great, because even though there have been obvious differences of opinion, now that the discussion has continued everyone has begun to see everyones point of view and its turned into a big friendly Disney hug- which is whats so fab! ;D

    Lovin' the Disney peeps- can't wait to meet you all in person :)
  10. Ona

    Ona Member

    Gooooooooooooooooooooo team WDWIP! :D

    {{{{{{{{{{Group hug folks}}}}}}}}}}

    Ona x
  11. monkian

    monkian New Member

    it is always better to regret the things you have done rather than the things you have not!

    groooopppp hhuuuuugggg
  12. Mara Mouse

    Mara Mouse New Member

    *squish squish* I love hugs!

    The only regret I fear having is the regret that I didn't follow my heart. I work very hard to ensure I never have that one. If I make desicions based on my own heart .. not what someone else wants I will never regret my desicions ... even if they end less than perfect, those are just good learning experiences.

    Good example: I have wanted to work for Disney since I was 16 (I'm now 22). First year of University, when I was 18 I met Ed, and feel in love, but I always told him that I wasn't going to let him stop me from applying for Disney. Back in Jan I decided that the timing was perfect for me to apply for Disney (I just graduated from University in May ... now I have some free time). Throughout the application/interview/waitlinglist process he was a little less than thrilled that I was choosing to leave the country for a year ... but still super supportive and happy for me. As much as I knew I was going to miss him I said that if I let him be the reason I didn't go I would regret it and resent him for it. I have to follow my heart, do what's right for me! Now, with my leaving date just mere days away, I am thrilled with my desicion ... especially since Ed broke up with me in April (yup, that's after 4 years). Can you imagine? Now that would've been a case for regret! Yikes!

    Sarah, I apologize if you feel personally attacked by anything I've said, this thread has just raise an interesting topic and I love to debate. I definately understand your frustration is hearing a story like Jenn's though. For me, Disney is already a dream come true (see above: 6 years in the making) and I anticipate doing everything in my power to make it stick! I hope not to make the same choice as Jenn, but I can atleast understand her motivation.
  13. FeeBleu

    FeeBleu New Member

    *drops into the hug* *loes hugs* *catches everyone going by for a bigger hug*

    has nothing to do with it but had my traditions day today and it went real well... I met a few people real nice... especially this New Yorker who would smile about everything.... and is fond of swiss miss pudding lol anyways a great experience today that everybody should live.... it was really cheerful... :D
  14. SarahJane

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    Matt, I nearly spit out my drink when I read "pig nuts"... BAHAHAHHAH!!!

    And actually I was going to quote your whole post, realized it was too long, so just quoted a 'general' you. That doesn't make sense does it?

    I'd also like to say for the record to everyone that going to WDW was not a life long dream, or something that I had fantasized about. In fact, I didn't grow up at all knowing/loving Disney. Sure, I knew about Mickey, but that was basically it. I had never been to WDW, never watched a Disney movie, nothing like that. I applied because I knew it would make my resume look good, I am a VERY proud Canadian and would love to represent my country, and it'd be getting away from at least one bitter Canadian winter. I read about the job on a poster on the wall at college, a few months before I was to graduate. I thought "Hm, that sounds cool - I"d love to represent Canada".

    I didn't apply 'because' it was Disney. I applied because I'd be talking about my country, and being able to tell other people what a great country it is (which I did a lot of, actually).

    Anyhoo, so my arguement about 'quitting' isn't about not living up to a 'dream'. It's about living up to a goal, and more importantly, your 'own' expectations.

    Oh, and I'd try the brains, and even pig nuts, pig anus, and cow testicles and pig uterus...I'd give it a taste....sure, I may barf and give up, but I'd give it a whirl! :-X
  15. gingerbeacon

    gingerbeacon New Member

    Think 5 days is short. We got here on Sunday and one of the guys went home on Monday!!!!!!
  16. FeeBleu

    FeeBleu New Member

    Now that's really stupid. One day and already gone.... pffff. Some people these days think that life is simple..... ....
  17. Ona

    Ona Member

    Yip. One day. Can't quite believe it myself. I don't think I even met him. ??? I just feel really bad for the poor guy. He had the whole 9+ hour flight home to think "Have I done the right thing?" :-\ That must have been tough. :-\

    Ona x
  18. chezza

    chezza New Member

    hey im currently on the icp programme and after 3 weeks im going home as its not what i want to spend my summer doing, its great here, the social side and the priveledges you get as a cast member, i would encourage evryone to do it, i just am not happy with it for my own reasons.
    At least i can say that i give it a go, no regrets now!
  19. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    Oh Chezza...wish you would reconsider...

    My daughter has finally settled in and is really enjoying her job now. Has made some good friends and is even saying she would come back! I didn't think that would happen a few weeks ago!
  20. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    I couldn't imagine ever wanting to go home. I want to move here I'm loving it so much. At least you gave it a shot Chezza. It sucks that it isn't working for you. It really is an amazing opportunity to be here but if it's not for you then it's not for you. Good luck with whatever happens.

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