I only lasted for five days on ICP at Disney

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by jenn1984, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. chezza

    chezza New Member

    thanks, im much bahppier bein back, just wasnt for me
  2. soumya86

    soumya86 New Member

    Lol, yeah but he must have had his exectations too high; I noticed he looked really miserable that night we all went to McDonalds. He must have had one bite of the burger and decided "OMG tis' not the same as the UK I'm going home NAO!!!"

    Jokes aside I feel sorry for the dude. Everyone gets homesick after a while, it's natural. But like Ona said he must have had a really long flight home. I've always agreed that Pain is Temporary but Regret is FOREVER.

    Thats my two cents.
  3. chezza

    chezza New Member

    i totally agree with you but some ppl like myself went and tried it and left with no regrets.
    I truly believe ppl wont know 100% if they like it over there until they are there.
    If somebody lasted 5 days or 5 weeks its no big deal, at least we had the guts to try it.
    What about the people who had the oppurtunity to go and never went, surely they are the ones that will regret?
  4. soumya86

    soumya86 New Member

    Good for you Chezza. :) But I knew if I went home nao I'd regret it for the rest of my life...
  5. chezza

    chezza New Member

    im sure you would because you appear to enjoy it, i didnt so thats why im certain i have no regrets
  6. monkian

    monkian New Member

    i'm glad you are happier now....any plans for your summer now you have free'd up some time for yourself? I say go on many many adventures....go see pirates then be a pirate for the summer! thats my plan anyhoo! ;D

    maybe the one day guy missed his girlfriend (or boyfriend) and in a fit of remorse at leaving said loved one ran home to propose!!! awwwww

    on the other hand...of all the restaurants you went to mcD's on the first night?!? maybe it was food poisning....
  7. chezza

    chezza New Member

    i plan to just enjoy the summer and learn to drive, my summer hols are the only time i get to see my friends and family as im away at uni so that had a large factor in deciding to return home!
    I really did enjoy the living/social aspect of florida and i no many ppl staying there for that reason only as they hate their jobs.
    I met some really nice ppl and thankfully didnt come across any spiders!!!!
    The beds are a lil noisy, any movement you make, causes your room buddy to wake up as the matresses are plastic and i could never get bloomin comfy!!!hehe
    I got placed also in blizzard beach and this made me feel like i wasnt part of the programme as the ppl i worked with are all round employees from the area!! they would huddle in groups and only spk their languague (spanish), this pissed me off as i felt left out and so so far from home!
    We had a communal pool party the 2nd nite we arrived which was fun!
    Vista way i think is def the best complex to live on as it houses the majority of summer icp's and americans too.
    I strongly reccommend you google 'vista lay', quite amusing!!!but may help you prepare for your visit.
    Anyhow, i shall stop babbling on, in all fairness, i enjoyed my time but it just wasnt for me, if anyone wants to ask me anything feel free to email, cherrybun_172@hotmail.com
    cheryl xxx
  8. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Three weeks is better than five days!
  9. soleil plage

    soleil plage Guest

    fair point... there was i guy i met at interview who was meant to leave on the same day as me... he never showed up at the airport - i wonder if he regrets it now... hmm....
  10. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    Well I for one know for a FACT, they are going to have to SHOVE ME OUT THE DOOR!! They will have to get security to ESCORT ME OUT!! I WILL NOT LEAVE!!

    hAHAHAHAHAH :D :D :D :D :D
  11. Tink_bell

    Tink_bell Member

    I have been here for 12 days and its ok, I am just trying to settle in, and have made some friends already, only just started work so am sure i will make more friends then, I am giving my self at least a couple of months cause if not i know i will regret it. I think after a couple of months if i dont like it i may go home but i can see myself really starting to get into it by then so its just a waiting game!
  12. kerrbear

    kerrbear New Member

    is it not as good ad you thought it would be tink_bell?? im really scared now as i have really high hopes and am sooo excited but reading that people arent enjoying it as much as they thought it would is scary :-\. im just going to try and forget ever reading all the bad things before i go and so am going with an open mind coz i really want to have the best time ever and totally make the most out of it ... im going to forse my self to enjoy myself even if i ament!!

  13. kristen@disney

    kristen@disney New Member

    Ease your minds soon to be mouseketeers.......the year is hard at time and easy at times. I know my first week I called home and broke down on the phone to my mom. I was so sure I wouldnt make it. But then there were times when I called her so excited because I had just done something super fun or met a new person. The year is what you make it. As long as you remember that you have to have your own time and group time youll be fine. Some people hardly went to bars others lived there. You dont need to be #1 and if you are happy thats all that matters. Give it its time and find your groove. Thats the best advice
  14. CPB

    CPB New Member

    I really wouldn't worry about it.

    The first night i arrived to do the program i cried in my room. I think it was more of exhaustion from flying and it was the first time i had ever been away from home. However, once i started work and socialising with friends, whether it be sitting in and ordering chinese or going out to clubs, i had the best time ever.

    Of course there is people you might not get on with and the work isn't the best at times, but it's what you make of it. I had the best year there and i would encourage everyone to give it ago. Some of my arrival group left after a couple of weeks and/or a couple of months. They just were too home sick and weren't enjoying it. I would do it again in a heart beat.

    I'm not saying ignore peoples comments about not liking it, or it wasn't what they expected, just take a deep breath and go out there on a positive note. If you go out there worrying about stuff, you might miss all the good things and just enhance the bad things. I lived with 7 other girls and those are the best friends i could have lived with. I made the most amazing friends from all across the world and know that i have places to stay if i decide to travel.

    Everyone is going to dislike something but trust me the good sooooo outweighs anything else. Sure not everyone will like it and may decide to leave early, but i wouldn't worry about leaving early or question if you might not enjoy it, before you've even set foot in the country.

    Go out there, give it your best shot and it could be the best year of your lives.

    Me, like many other people found best friends and that special someone in their life while there. So you never know what to expect but thats the exciting part.

    Keep smiling
  15. monkian

    monkian New Member

    That has to be the nicest thing i have read in this place yet!
  16. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    OH ANA....stop sucking up!! ;)
    And I thought I SAID some pretty great things in here???? ;D ;D

    Was AMAZING to hear that you had a trip of a lifetime Claire!! THANKS for sharing it with us!! There is attitude about being there and then there is ignorance. I mostly want to go and work and have FUN and share my experiences with people that I have met and that I want to have fun with!!

    Still can't believe that I am NOT THERE YET!! Oh I guess I can wait a few more MONTHS!!
  17. monkian

    monkian New Member

    WHAAAAT!!! ME???!!?? I WOULD NEVER SUCK UP...ha ha ha
  18. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    COME ON NOW!! I know you PRETTY WELL NOW..........


    ;D ;D ;D ;D
  19. monkian

    monkian New Member

    hey you forget ...im scottish we don't suck up! dearie me! besides i was just being appreciative after all the douir that had been wriiten!
  20. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    hey claire

    where did you work? Just wondered if you were the claire from HRC or not?


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