I only lasted for five days on ICP at Disney

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by jenn1984, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. CPB

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    Hey Gem,

    Yeah I'm the Claire from HRC.

    I did the International Program first in September 2003 - July 2004 (best year EVER!), and then I did the other program in HRC for 18 months.

    Ana: Thanks. I just believe everyone should have a positive attitude to things and not worry about things before they happen.
  2. kahluafan

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    My 2 cents is basically this: if you don't at least go and give it try you'll never know what you could be missing, at least by going out there, even if it is for 5 days you get some kinda idea of what its like. Granted your not gonna get a detailed insight into life there, but i've had friends say you can get a good idea of it in 5 days, and others say it takes a few months before it gets enjoyable sometimes.

    My friend on the ICP atm really struggled for the first few months, but we kept encouraging her and shes sticking it out so far and has begun to really enjoy it!
  3. *minnie**mouse*

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    Always better to regret the things you do, instead of the things you don't do 8)
  4. spa_life_girl

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    BEST ADVICE.....DO your RESERACH!! honestly yout gotta realize if you have NEVER been away from home it WILL affect you!! If you KNOW that your going to be away from your friends and family for an ENTIRE YEAR....you will be FINE!! ATLEAST give yourself 3 months....that is enough time to get settled......get working and get SOME money.....meet some people and THEN decide what you want to do!! I would HATE for someone to walk away from thier DREAMS on only a couple of days!! IT IS TOUGH some days I will NOT lie to you.....but if you have the WILL and realize that it's ONLY a year.....you will be FINE and you will LOVE IT!! If you GO HOME....at LEAST you tried and you were not meant to stay!! EITHER WAY.....give it some time and get settled and THEN choose..........

  5. kahluafan

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    I think its gonna be different for every person, but in some sense theblame lies with the recruitment agencies for perhaps not portraying an accurate description of how the programs are, as you should be aware of whats expected and what it'll be like before you get there in theory, just my 2 cents...
  6. personnally i think the recruitment agencies (admitedily the only one i know and use is Yummy jobs) do a very good job of describing how the program is, even the disney international programs website does a top notch job with the description.
  7. Matt1133

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    I've got to agree with Stitch on that. In Canada, Cast-A-Way does a really good job of describing what it will be like. I mean the first phone interview basically tries to determine whether or not you will enjoy the living situation down there. Also gotta agree with Spalife girl, you gotta look into it and know what you're getting into, you can't expect it to be a vacation the whole time... although, for some, it sure can feel like it is!!!
  8. kahluafan

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    From what i know of the application process there is very little mentioned about the life over there, i'm guessin it comes in a bit later on in the course of applying i guess, i agree with you Matt, too many people go out thinking its a vacation,hehe
  9. Didnt think you'd been accepted yet? when did you get in?
  10. kahluafan

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    Not just yet, working on assumptions atm tho, fingers crossed :D i know from the basic interviews at the uni but also from fellow uni mates who went out there for this year, a lot of them were surprised at what it was actually like, i dunno whether it was skipped over lightly when they applied maybe?
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    This is to Jen1984,

    I tried the program last July and lasted about 4 weeks. I can understand how it feels to not fit in. I didn't feel at home there. But if I hadn't tried it, I would not have known what it was like to work there. America stinks!! Everything happens for a reasoI am now getting ready to start my new career with Fairmont Resorts. All falls into place in life!!

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