ICP August 2008 to January 2009?

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by *tinkerbell*08/09, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    Hello everybody!

    I was accepted to the ICP and I'm going next august! I'm so nervous, is anybody comming the same time?
  2. Celtash86

    Celtash86 New Member

    Aw Congratulations! I am waiting to hear if ive been successfull for the CRP! Not heard anything lol I have the phone pressed to my ear 24 7 lol I had my f2f on the 5th March! so it it the 10th day and still not heard anything!

    Well done! Hopefully I will see you over there lol xx
  3. disneyprincess87

    disneyprincess87 New Member

    Hey, congratulations!

    I didn't realise the ICP was so long - 6 months! I thought that the ICP was only for school/university holidays, so 3 months in the summer or a month at christmas?!

    I'm confused! ???
  4. catfish278

    catfish278 Member

    I think it can vary! I thought that the ICP was only in the summer holidays too but maybe this is a different type of ICP!!
  5. Rachel2310

    Rachel2310 New Member

    Does anybody no if yummy let people no at the weekends if there going? Or do they just call people too tell them in the weekdays!?
  6. catfish278

    catfish278 Member

    Nope they only work in the week 9-5...so no phone calls til monday morning methinks!! :-\
  7. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    We heard about the program in college. my college made this up with disney and TC3. we made a written online test in january, 1 week later we had a phone interview! and a couple days after that we receipt an offer! but since that I haven't heard from them. some of us got a welcome e mail, some not :-S So I think it's not a bad sign that you haven't heard from them!!!!
    I only know that we applied for the International college program and the dates given us by our teacher was 19th august to 9th january!
  8. disneyprincess87

    disneyprincess87 New Member

    Ah ok - 6 months is a nice amount of time to have off college!! Just think, instead of doing essays you'll be sunning yourself in Flroida! ;)
  9. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    I'm finishing college this semester! so I've a lot of work now and I choose to add one semester (the disney semester) so I would have lessons and essays there 2! I hope it wouldn't be very difficult! the most important is... I'm IN lol we'll have so much fun there. everybody who went there loved it ;D
  10. pkatakia

    pkatakia New Member

    So is this the ICP or the UCF?
    I think (fingers crossed) if I get the UCF, I'll be leaving Oct 2008.
  11. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    the ICP can be the summer work experience or the j-1 academic exchange experience... think I'm in the second one! lol
  12. pkatakia

    pkatakia New Member

    I always thought they were different. I'm confusing me..and you too!!!
  13. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    I think the August to January one is the CMU. the july and october ones are the UCF ones.
  14. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    ok... now I'm confused... what means ucf and cmu? lol sorry 4 that question lol
  15. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    ok... now I'm confused... what means ucf and cmu? lol sorry 4 that question lol
  16. dberridge

    dberridge New Member

    Hey, i'm on custodial too this summer :)
    It would be great to hear from people
    my msn is i_8_derby_county_72@hotmail.com or just facebook dan berridge
    can't wait to go
  17. Eclipsed

    Eclipsed New Member

    I'm starting on August 19th - was accepted as a role hopper, what about you, what's your role?
  18. Manu

    Manu New Member

    I'm starting too August 19th. My role is Operations :D, but of course I still don't now where; Is it true that they ask for your preference?

    By the way, my nmae is Manu and I'm from Spain.

    See ya in Orlando! :D
  19. simmyd23

    simmyd23 New Member

    There are a few people on facebook going in august.
    Have a look for the facebook group.

    Also anyone is welcome to add me on facebook : simon deans
  20. Manu

    Manu New Member

    Where's the link for the facebook?

    thxs ;)

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