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Who will be there?

  1. Disney J1

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  2. 18. January 2009

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  1. Mofree

    Mofree New Member


    Departure: January 2009
    Position: Food and Beverage
  2. xsamx

    xsamx New Member


    This is more a post for my friend...

    Hes applying for the January 09 programme, but what date does it actually start? As he gets back from holiday 3rd Jan so were hoping anytime after that!

    Thank you

  3. berle.s

    berle.s New Member

    During our interview for the October 2008 - April 2009 program, they actually didn`t know yet, when exactly the januar Program will start? But I think some days after the 3rd!
  4. Mofree

    Mofree New Member

    Hi everybody,

    do you all go for the icp january 09?

    As i know, the program will start on 18th of january....

    where are you working there?
    waht position?
    where are you from?
  5. Vallie

    Vallie New Member

    not officially accepted yet but i'll find out in a couple days!

    hopefully hotels/front desk
    and from toronto!

    where is everyone else for jan 09!!!
  6. teresemor

    teresemor New Member

    When did you reply?

    Since you are beginning in jan ?
  7. Mofree

    Mofree New Member

    did u mean apply?

    i applied for the program in may, got my answer in june.

    just waiting for my disney package, to apply for the visa at the embassy.

    where are you from?
  8. nicki1404

    nicki1404 New Member

    im hoping to be there in jan 09! i have my f2f interview in just over a week!! any tips guys!? im from UK! i want to join u all sooo badly!! xxx
  9. teresemor

    teresemor New Member

    Mofree: hehe yes i ment apply :)

    Im from Norway :)

    And you?
  10. Mofree

    Mofree New Member

    I'm from Germany...

    So, are you for sure in the ICP Programm 09?

    It's only 3 months more...;-)
  11. Mofree

    Mofree New Member

    Hey nikki,

    just be cool.

    the interview is fun. Just try to be yourself and smile...;)
  12. rafael_araujo

    rafael_araujo New Member

    im rafael from brazil
    will be there on the janyary 19th
    dont know my position yet, waiting for answers :)
    see you guys there
  13. teresemor

    teresemor New Member

    No i'm not i am going to a F2F interwiev 26th October in Oslo
  14. nicki1404

    nicki1404 New Member

    thanks mofree- im a very smiley person, so im sure i can do that!!! I just really want to do this now, the time is right for an adventure!!! only a few days to go to the interview now, what kind of questions do they ask you? xxx
  15. Mofree

    Mofree New Member

    1)What is the one thing that attracts you most to this job?
    2)What would you want to tell guests about where you live?
    3)If you were to bring something from home to show people what would it be?
    4)Why did you choose what you are doing in University?
    5)What is it about your current job that you like the most?
    6)Have you ever been away from from for very long?
    7)How do you feel about that?
    - from TraceyBrown (Canada) - http://www.wdwip.com/smf/index.php?topic=5498.0

    here are some, i'll split them up into different topics!


    - have you ever lived away from home?
    - if not, how will you cope with living away from home with people you don't know?
    - if yes (and no), how will you cope with living with people from all over the world?
    - how will you cope living so far away from home with a room mate from a different country?
    - what would you do if there is an argument with some of your room mates?
    - what would ou do if you had a problem with your room mate?
    - how will you cope with the heat? (sounds silly, but i was asked this!!)


    - give me an example of what you think good guest service is.
    - give me an example of what you have done to provide good guest service.
    - think of a time where you have turned a negative experience into a positive one.
    - if there are 10 people waiting in line and a guest cuts to the front of the line, what would you do?
    - what would you do if a guest is not happy with the food they purchased?
    - how will you cope working long hours in the extreme heat?


    - what do you do in your spare time?
    - what are your interests?
    - how will working for Disney benefit your future career?
    - what could you bring to the Disney company?
    - what countries have you visited?
    - have you ever been to walt disney world before?
    - what is your favorite park and ride?
    - How will you cope being away from your family/friends for 3/6/12 months?

    If applying for the CRP

    - tell me a bit about where you live?
    - give me three interesting facts about your home town.
    - if a guest were to ask about your home town what would you say?
    - how would you describe what its like to live in your country/town?
    - what differentiates your area from another area of your country?
    - do you have any traditions relating to your town/country?
    - from hsm - http://www.wdwip.com/smf/index.php?topic=5382.0

    Just be yourself, and be positive!
    Best of luck!
  16. TaraEinam

    TaraEinam New Member

    I just got accepted!!

    Jan 17 to Jul 17

    I'm from Australia
    I'll be doing Attractions
  17. nicolehendrie

    nicolehendrie New Member

    I got in! Jan 17th to July 17th doing Attractions... Im from Melbourne, Australia cant wait I hope to see everyone there.
  18. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    Hey I am from Melbourne Australia and i just got accepted start Jan 17th 09!
    Will be doing Hospitality/Front entrance operations!

    see u guys there!
  19. TaraEinam

    TaraEinam New Member

    yay Jodi. someone else from Australia. Do you know whether there is many of us? When i had my presentation/interview only like 4 ppl came for the presentations and only 2 of us did interviews.
  20. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    Hey Tara! Yay for us Australians haha! wow only 2 ppl! there were about 20 of us that interviewed and i know at least 5 of us got in but only 2 accepted. i could never say no!!! What job are u doing? And which uni u from? Hopefully a few of us get to fly over together :)

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