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  1. emma

    emma New Member

    holla guys,

    im not on the wdw college programme but i am here on the international programme over half way through now!!! i know i shudnt be on this board hahahahahah. just wanna say congrats to u all on getting the jobs, if ur experience is nething like mine ur 12weeks are gonna fLY past u, enjoy evry minute. if u make friends with michael then im sure illbe seeing u around in futre good way 2 get the college p's and us rose and crown lot mixed up!!!

    see ya soon

    emma xxxxxxx
  2. Michael

    Michael New Member


    but now that you are here darling i must agree with you..
    iv met a lot of Emma's friends when iv been over to visit and shes right.. they have a ball and are very welcoming...

    im sure anyone going over with me will quickly get to know her!!!!!
  3. awww you guys a too cute ::)
  4. Kayleigh

    Kayleigh New Member

    hehe.. so tell me.. .as ur a disney couple.. duz that mean ur gna hav a disney weddin??! lol. joking!!
    thnaks for the support emma!!! we will all def pop in and say hi if we get thru!!
    xxxx ;)
  5. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Guys, you really dont want to get to know emme - shes really strange!!!!

    Ill warn you now she'll probably take you to watch weird fountain shows...

    Emma - you know Im kidding, love you loads and am gonna miss you and our random days out when I go home next week!!!!
  6. KC

    KC New Member

    *points* If that's the Fountain of Nations that you're talking about then, Emma, count me in! I totally intend on just taking a while to go to Epcot and watch the perrrrrdy fountain go splashysplash :D

    What? :-[

  7. emma

    emma New Member

    haha kc wish it was as good as that! michelle shut up u dik.

    hehe i love u so much and i will be gutted wen u leave...."thats what it is"

    no haha were not a disney couple lol, was always into disney loved it etc etc dream job, but mikes only cummin over since ii have lukily its all workd out great time wise, xxx

    disney wedding wud be nice but pricey
  8. Michael

    Michael New Member

    The Grand Floridian, white beaches, blue water, fireworks, happiest place on earth.. cheesy but its a perfect setting ey lol
  9. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    You guys make such a cute couple, its a shame i wont get to spend any time together with both of you!!!!

    Yeah, KC, the fountain show we're talking about is NOTHING like the one at epcot!!! Think the complete opposite of that and you might have an idea - rubbish fountain's what it is what it is!!!!!!!

    Michelle xx
  10. KC

    KC New Member

    :eek: Wow, them's a rubbish fountain display then :-\

    *chuckles* May I recommend the perdy ones at the Mall at Millenia instead? :p lol

    Can't wait to go fountain-spottin' with you lot! :D
  11. Kayleigh

    Kayleigh New Member

    aww surely disney could give u guys a discount??? lol.

    Sounds like your having a fab time out there Emma!! (dont realy know michael but from what ive heard he sounds like he cant wait to see you or disney.. hehehe)

  12. KC

    KC New Member

    He can't.

    Believe me...

  13. emma

    emma New Member

    yeah shud be good to meet some of u guys, us lot dont know ne1 on the cp, shame really.

    reading that michelle makes me really sad, who will i tel u fountain story too? im gonna miss u!!!!!!!!
  14. Michael

    Michael New Member

    Thanx Michelle...

    Emma provides 70% of the "cuteness" to our relationship but i do my best...

    gutted i wont get to see you out there myself... Emma's ranted all about you and her other friends and i know shes gutted you are going home...

    MAYBE you might be back out there for a holiday sometime..
    (If you are then have no fear about swimming cos Mike's on duty ;D)
  15. Shivasauras

    Shivasauras New Member all seem so nice. I can't wait to meet everyone
  16. monkian

    monkian New Member

    alll soooo sweeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i might haven't used that word in donkey's ...or that one...hee hee hee hee

    sorry anyway...yes disney wedding...i see it happening...yip yip yip...

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