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  1. Leah'Elizabeth

    Leah'Elizabeth New Member

    I'm wanting to apply for the CRP can anyone who has done or is doing the CRP give me any info on accommodation, amount of money it costs, working patterns (days a week) and if any transport is provided please, thanks :) x
  2. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Member

    It isn't a cheap process to get out here. Your flight price depends on the date you're offered, I was lucky and got mine for 300 but I flew in February. Other people have had to pay seven or eight hundred.

    You need to pay for your CRB-£60

    Your programme assessment fee-$100

    At least 4 months of insurance, I think mine was 300 but I went for the top coverage.

    Paying for things you want to bring with you can be extra cost...clothes, new suitcase, laptop, camera, memory cards etc.

    Working patterns are pretty random. I'm food and bev and at the start of my programme everyone on podium was on 6 day weeks. I believe it's back to 5 at the moment though I know some people are on 6/7 day weeks next week.

    I'm currently making the transition to service but I also believe the servers are on 6 day weeks at the moment.

    There is transport provided to work and to the other parks/resorts.

    Rent depends on which complex you're in and how many people you live with. I live in commons with 5 other girls and pay 95 a week.
  3. Leah'Elizabeth

    Leah'Elizabeth New Member

    Aww thank you, did you find it easy to adjust to living there etc x
  4. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Member

    I haven't found it too difficult to be honest. The first few weeks I was tired and you pick up every bug going but it's just a case of manning up and getting over it as it doesn't last. Once you get in to a routine you're fine. Obviously it all depends on the individual and how they cope with being away from home etc but I'm really enjoying myself :)
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