Interview in less than 7 Days _nervous ('_')

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Lathandee, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Lathandee

    Lathandee New Member

    Any tips will help ....

    I heard they always interview in groups so does that mean each get to answer the same question?

    Please Guys Help me out# stressed
  2. Sky

    Sky New Member

    Hey there!

    Are you interviewing for the UK Pavilion? If so I can help a little. Pre-Screen is a group interview: you have a presentation in the morning to tell you a bit about the program and get you all excited then you are broken into groups of about 8 people and given a time to return. Questions are asked and either people engage in a discussion and you bounce off one another or they go around the circle and ask each person their answer, just depends how open or specific a question is.

    There's no need to be stressed :) They just want to see what you're like. Remember to be open, relax, get to know people and smile :) It's Disney after all! If you have any questions feel free to message me.
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  3. Lathandee

    Lathandee New Member

    Awww Thanks alot Sky you have no idea how excited I am after reading this im calm now I know I can do it .....

    Im interviewing For Animal kingdom because im in South Africa,Cape Town.....

    its good to know someone is willing to help in South Africa we dont have Agents like Yummy Jobs to assist us,one has to do it online and with the Disney help by an email from the recruitment office.....

    Okay so after I get hired will Disney help me with the Visa fee or I have to pay it myself just wanna know so that I put it on my budget :)
    2. I heard people mentioning the Medical insurance please help me andastand that too and thankyou so much for your help.....I really appreciate it

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