interviews in germany?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by thinki, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. thinki

    thinki Guest

    Hey guys,

    just wanted to ask if there are also interviews in germany? or are there any germans who can apply for the cruise line program?

    Bye thinki ;)
  2. Rudy

    Rudy New Member

    hi thinki,

    i don't really know the answer to this question, but it seems like noone else does either!
    if you try looking on dcl's own recruitment page, they have listed all the recruiters throughout the world so there should be one for germany!
    hope that helps a bit!
    (the page doesn't seem to be working at the moment, but it does normally!)

    Melissa ;D
  3. T-belle

    T-belle New Member

    You can also try International service, a french company hireing for WDW, DCL and other companies. Their address is :

    Hope it helps
  4. Quark

    Quark New Member

    While I was in Orlando, I attended an interview for the Disney Cruise Lines. Yes, it is possible to work for them being German, in fact I know some people who got hired. You get a "seafarers visa" (E-1 or something?). The interview process was VERY strange, as there didn't seem to be any criteria why somebody was hired. There were about 300 people attending and some were called after two hours or so, by which time they can NEVER have gone through all the applications. Also, there were plenty of people applying with good experience apart from Disney and in the end they took three or four people from merchandise, although they were mainly looking for F&B people. Something fishy going on in my opinion.
    Your chances might be higher going through International Services (which I would have tried if I had been really desperate to go on the cruise lines), but in the end the job seemed to suck so much that we didn't care anymore. That's one of the reasons why they hired many Mexicans by the way, the wage is much better to them, whereas I suppose Germans usually leave after their first contract at the latest.
  5. DisneyDiddl

    DisneyDiddl New Member

    Hey Nils,
    I think you know me, I have been in Orlando with you!
    I'm one of the Merchandise People who got hired by the Disney Cruiseline.
    I don't know why you think that we don't have good experience apart from Disney. I'm sure they've hired us because we have a lot of experience! It just sounds that you are pretty jealous because you didn't get the job....
    Well I'm looking forward to start!
    CU on the Cruise!
  6. Quark

    Quark New Member

    Yep, I remember you, and no, I'm not jealous. I mean, I was at the time, because I wanted to go too. But now it's more because of some other people that didn't get hired. It sounded in my posting as if I wanted to say that you didn't have the experience, that's not what I meant. But they kept saying that they wanted people for F&B. If there was one person to take, it would have been Mark, who even got accepted a year earlier, but they then somehow lost his application. He got a recommendation letter (!) from our manager, he had experience as a cook and had worked as a server and they STILL didn't accept him the second time around - which is really REALLY strange, don't you think? That's not to say that they shouldn't have taken YOU, but I'm still wondering why someone like him didn't get accepted - I certainly wouldn't have been my first choice, that's no surprise :) Judging from what I heard from people on this board, especially in comparison with other cruise lines, I don't think it would have been my dream job anymore, and I think I'm far better off now that they didn't take me (and now that I didn't end up in Disneyland Paris as well, views change), but I still wish you the best of luck, and perhaps you can post in here from time to time how it really is aboard the Cruise Lines, and if you like it more than the people who leave after one or two contracts - after all, that's down to personal perference most of the time, not everybody liked Epcot or F&B either...

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