I've been CHANGED! :(

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by Princess Tessa, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. I got called my Castaway and they've changed my March14th attractions into March28th F&B
    I was really really sad yesterday about not getting Attractions but I'm feeling better after talking to Nicola.

    March 28th means I'll be leaving with David - hey David, wanna get on the same flight? I'm hoping to fly out of Seattle because it's waaay cheaper, let me know! - and F&B will mean I'm working with Tanis, David and Jay! HOORAY!

    So, we'll all be together now :) whooop-dee-dooo

    now I have to search the old topics and find all the other March 28th people I'll be going with now and everyone from F&B!
  2. disney_spice

    disney_spice Member


    March 28th UK F&B!!

    Itl b great!
  3. topsassyuk

    topsassyuk New Member

    It means your not in my arrival group now though :'(
  4. I know Jess!!! Pooey :(
  5. tess123

    tess123 New Member

    Tessa: I am March 28th F & B
  6. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    You, Tanis, David and I are going to be working together? Oh boy! This is going to be so much fun! I didnt know that Tanis got F&B, I have a really bad memory as of lately.

    Aww Tessa it sucks that you got changed but it will still be alot of fun the 4 of us working together and I really hope that you get to train me when I get there!

    *huggles* Feel better!!
  7. Katja322

    Katja322 New Member

    I got a call from Nicola today too, switching from Merchandise to Attractions - still arriving June 20th.
  8. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    Oh well, that's not a bad switch!
    I wonder what all these switches are about, were they common before?
  9. David

    David New Member

    Most definitely I'll fly down with you Tessa.

    I'll talk to you on MSN next time you're on.
  10. trucanadiangurl

    trucanadiangurl New Member

    :DIts okay Tessa, we'll all be together now!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah Jei, I got F&B I got called Dec.2nd!!!!!

    Hello Tips!
    That means we will all be making more money , so that means we can all take more trips!!!!!! To NY, The Carribbean! well atleast I will be and hopefully you will all join!
    Woo hoo.......38 days....this is going too too fast! :eek:
  11. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    Woop woop! Money money money *high pitched voice* moooooney! (I dont think anyone's gonna get that)
    I gotta take a trip up to Toronto and Ottawa, thank goodness I wont have to pay for hotels cuz I have people to stay with so it means more money for shopping.

    And more money for Premium Outlet shopping!!
  12. HAHAH I GET IT!!!
    .............was I ever danging with an android named Lupe!


    Hey Tanis, I'm totally planning on going to NYC in maybe September and Disney cruise in January......so maybe we can go together! sweeeet!
    I can't believe how soon you're going!
  13. jenmacp

    jenmacp New Member

    I think they just change the arrivals around based on their needs in each area. Some f&bs are, umm, leaving earlier than expected... In fact, in the last arival group there were two new merchies and they were asked to move to f&b! So don't worry about being switched around, you're bound to have a good time either way!

    ~ Jen
  14. ErinKimberly

    ErinKimberly New Member

    good time yes but more stress in f&b. except in the crayon room...
  15. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    Crayon room....I like the sound of that!!!
  16. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee crayons!
  17. jenmacp

    jenmacp New Member

    I'd say the crayon room is probably the most magical room in all of Epcot... maybe even in all of Walt Disney World!! ;)

    ~ Jen
  18. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    OH BOY!

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