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  1. Hi all, thought i would post this as im well excited now! i got accepted and have been offered a job in operations, which is wot i wanted!
    anyone else heard yet?
  2. Joey 31

    Joey 31 New Member


    I have also been offered a job in operations. When do you fly out?
  3. june 5th i fly out from manchester, what about u, where ya from as well?
  4. rachet

    rachet New Member

    aw i got all excited when i saw another summer programmer flying from manchester, but then realised im the 24th june not the 5th! boo-urns
  5. Joey 31

    Joey 31 New Member

    I fly out on June the 5th from Manchester aswell. Wot job have you been offered?
  6. ive bin offered operations, cant wait to go, what bout u?
  7. Joey 31

    Joey 31 New Member

    I have a job in operations and I am from Warrington. Do you think we will be on the same flight? Where are you from?
  8. lol possibly. im from n.wales, but am studying biology in LJMU. u in university i take it, what u studyin?
  9. carolh

    carolh New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm Carol from Vancouver, Canada. I"ll be doing operations too! See you there!
  10. Joey 31

    Joey 31 New Member

    Cool. I am studying Business Studies at LJMU.

    Hi carolh what date do you leave?
  11. wot halls u stayin in Joey?
  12. Joey 31

    Joey 31 New Member

    I am not stayin in halls mate because I get the train in from Warrington. I study in the John Foster building which is right next to the students union. Which halls are you staying in?
  13. i stay in Grand Central, next to lime st station. Im in the Byrom St campus.
  14. Joey 31

    Joey 31 New Member

    Oh cool. I have a few friends staying in Grand Central. Are you in your first or second year?
  15. Joey 31

    Joey 31 New Member

    I am also in my first year.
  16. Jay1988

    Jay1988 New Member

    Hey im in my first year at lpool Uni, i'm going on the 5th my emails jameskuspisz@hotmail.com, avnt spoke 2 many ppl frm the Northwest.
  17. ciara-cinders

    ciara-cinders New Member

    I'm going over on the 5th too, for operations
  18. where u flying from ciara?
  19. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    when did u guys have your interviews? just so i can try to judge how long it should take for me to hear something about mine! xxx

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