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  1. lol....yer is a bit of a con tbh. ow does this year in florida fit inwith ur uni course? wot course are u doin?
  2. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Business studies..Im doing outdoor foods and vacation planner..so it fits in pretty well really..
  3. lol...nice. u got facebook btw?
  4. nic

    nic New Member

    omg i got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    5th june from manc, doin operations!!!!!!
    hu else is goin? i want a flying buddy
  5. im 5th june from manc. Flight is direct and leaves at 10.25am.
    only 70 days!!!!
  6. Jay1988

    Jay1988 New Member

    Me 2, but u alredy no that!

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