Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by pkatakia, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. pkatakia

    pkatakia New Member

    Who's applied and when does the process begin...I think it's soon...
  2. FloridaDreamer

    FloridaDreamer New Member

    those of us hoping to go on the July program are still waiting to hear anything, so i would guess that the October one won't have any news for a while yet?
  3. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    I have applied for the July program and interviews should be in March.

    I have heard interviews for the October program should start in May! so you have a few more months to wait!
  4. pkatakia

    pkatakia New Member

    Darn it!!!
  5. Tinkerbe11ing

    Tinkerbe11ing New Member

    The J1 Graduate Program...is this the program where u're required to do it within the year after you get your degree?
  6. pkatakia

    pkatakia New Member

    I think so but I heard that it was two years after you graduate from uni.
  7. Tinkerbe11ing

    Tinkerbe11ing New Member

    darn it, I graduated in '05 :'(
  8. berle.s

    berle.s New Member

    I will do the Colledge Program, which starts in October!

    Is anybody around here, who join the progrm at the same time?
  9. berle.s

    berle.s New Member

    Hi, I`ve just had my interview in Milano for the J-1 Academic International College Program for 3th October 2008!

    Is anybody here who has applied for this program, too?

    I hope, I will get a positive answer and hope to hear something from all, who will join the program with me!!
  10. berle.s

    berle.s New Member

    Hey all,

    have anybody already gotten his package???

    Can`t wait to receive it!! :-((

    Take care all and just 66 days till we will be together in Florida!! :)
  11. sporty22

    sporty22 New Member


    I will take part in the Graduate Program October 5th...
    Is here somebody from Germany who will do the same???

    I still havent booked my flight yet and I am still waiting for the disney package... ::)
  12. berle.s

    berle.s New Member

    Hey Sporty,

    yeah, there are some from Germany. I`m still waiting for my package, too. But as Megan told, we will get it this week, or at least at the beginning of next week. So we can be currious about it. I`ve allready booked my flight from Paris on the 4th.
    From where are you from and from where do you fly?

    bye bye
  13. berle.s

    berle.s New Member


    No she didn`t send me a mail concering the CVs. Why? What was the problem with your CV?
    I`ve heard from a lot of people, that they`ve gotten theire package.
    I was annoyed about that and asked megan what`s going on. She told me that my package was send on the 6th. August. So my be you ask megan, whe yours was send to you.
    I have the same problem like you, I`m traveling between Liechtenstein and Lindau(my parens home), where also the package is supposed to send. we will see, hope to get the package this week, cant wait to manage the rest of the Program to be sure that everything will be right.
  14. berle.s

    berle.s New Member

    yeah, probably she lost it, otherwise she won`t need a new one. Or she want`s to have a actuall CV, because yours is about one year old, if you`ve already applied one year ago.

    I will take the insurance from the ADAC + a casuality insurance, that sould be enough. I`ve heart, that the Insurance from disney isn`t that good.

    Hope also that I will at the latest get the package this week. Don`t want to wait longer to do all the visa stuff.
  15. berle.s

    berle.s New Member

    Oh really?? That is what I call "GOOD ORGANISATION" ;-))
    Well, I still haven`t received my package, too. But as Megan told to me, I will get a new one. I guess they just have forgotten it and don`t want to tell it. Because nowadays it is very uncommon, that something gets lost at the Post-Office. But it`s still some time, and the time of waiting for an appointment at the embassy is only a coupe of days. So it`s still some time. But it`s dissapointed to hear from all that they have their packages, except you!
    Well, we will see!

    What was insight the package, which you got in December?
  16. berle.s

    berle.s New Member

    That`s actually the same answer, I`ve gotten from Megan.
    I got the first part of the package. But that`s not very helpfull, because withouth the DS-Form you can`t do anything. I have the whole september vacation, so I will have time for the interview, but anyways the first package needed more than two weeks by post, so there is not a lot of time for the Visa process!
    So funny thing is, they could actually send us a scanned form via mail and we can already start the process, well but it`s like you told, very bad. Hope that we will manage everything in due time.

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