Joining the program aged 18 to 19.

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Jack!, Feb 9, 2014.

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    So, I've always had major interest in doing this program. I've done my research on it for years and it's simply a dream of mine to do. I'm still 17 currently, and will still be by the time the spring applications close on YummyJobs (I'm from the UK), so I'm in the position of having to wait till the summer applications open if I wanted to apply now. Plus, with the process of application and taking the waitlist into consideration there's a chance I wouldn't be moving until I was 19, maybe 20 at the latest if I got waitlisted. But I've yet to hear of someone having to wait 16+ months between applying and moving, but if that's a regular thing, please enlighten me.

    Anyway, what I'm wanting to know is, do you think doing the program at this time and at this age is worth it? I've heard from people it's good to wait until 21 for the sake of drinking and going out to clubs and bars. What do you think?
  2. Hey!

    I did the program when I was 19, and to be quite honest, the drinking thing was never a huge deal for me. I mean, I guess it probably depends on the person, but for myself it was never a large part of the reason I was going there and so it didn't affect me. :) I say if you're ready to go ASAP, then by all means apply! It's really an amazing experience regardless of your age. I'm glad I didn't wait. I don't know if that helps, just my two cents!
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    I dont think you should let the drinking thing influence your choice. Many places will let ppl in under 21 you just wont be able to drink! :) I applied Jan 2013 and i wont be going out until April 2014 so that 15 months waiting. 8 months of that I didnt know my fate as i was waitlisted! Its a position that really tests your patience but hopefully it all ends up worth it :)
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    Don't even worry a minute. Sure, there will be clubs you just can't go into. But as for the alcohol,there are ways and you will be shown if you want to.
    I was underage my entire first program and there is not a second that I regret. You'll be fine and you'll love it!
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    I was 19 when I went out and it wasn't an issue! You have people that are going there to work for Disney and the people that are going for the good time. If you're the first one then don't sweat it, I had the time of my life under 21 and I think I could only recall 2 bars that I couldn't go to. There's always people underage on the program and the group was always accommodating. If you're the latter… then wait. Hope this helps ;)
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    Although a little different, I participated on the ICP when I was 20, so the same in principle. I was never bothered about the drinking but still had fun at the bars etc I went to with my friends who were over 21. I think there's just too much to see, do and experience there to get wrapped up in worrying about not being able to drink. Having said that I'm not a big drinker anyway.

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