July 14th ....Who's Applying?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by meerah89, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. meerah89

    meerah89 Member

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  2. Bethjhsachs

    Bethjhsachs New Member


    I am am going to be applying on the 14th July. this had been my dream my whole life to work at Disney.
    I am very excited to apply, but am also scared that I wont get through the application process.

    Do you have any advice for someone who is applying for the first time?

    :) x
  3. Laura1234567890

    Laura1234567890 New Member

    I'm applying and I'm very excited
    I haven't applied before so I have no idea what the application will be like.
    Also I'm Laura from Liverpool :)
    Good luck and well done for trying again!
  4. aj_hat

    aj_hat Member

    Hello Ladies, if you're not sure what to expect and/or would like some advice, I applied and succeeded in 2012, and I've made this whole advice page for you including a video :) Hope it helps, I've also got a contact page if you have any further questions http://hattantimesdoesdisney.com/advice/application/
  5. Bethjhsachs

    Bethjhsachs New Member

    Hello Adam

    I came across your you tube videos and advice page today and found them really helpful.
    it looks like you had an amazing time when you where out there. hope that I manage to go this year.

    :) x
  6. Aula

    Aula New Member

    Me me me, I'm applying.

    Another first timer here. Just need to finish my CV and cover letter etc...
  7. Bethjhsachs

    Bethjhsachs New Member

    Is anyone else struggling to get there CV right?
  8. dannyhunteruk

    dannyhunteruk New Member

    I'll be applying. I've not applied or done the CRP before but I did participate on the 2008 summer ICP. It was brilliant and now I'm in a position where I can afford to go out for a year... Fingers crossed
  9. MeganBlakemore

    MeganBlakemore New Member

    I'll also be applying for the first time, I'm super excited.
    I'm also from Liverpool.
  10. ococircusboy

    ococircusboy New Member

    Have I missed something.....everyone apparently knows about July 14th and waiting anxiously. How did I now know that is when applications were potentially opening....
  11. Aula

    Aula New Member

    Nothing potentially about it. It's on the yummy jobs website and everything!
    Click application dates on the cultural representative programme bit: http://www.yummyjobs.com/work/disneyculturalrepresentativeprogram
  12. Jack!

    Jack! New Member

    Me! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time.

    And I'm a first timer. Will keep trying if I'm unsuccessful, but here's hoping. Gonna spend the whole bracket of time working on my application. Since this is a dream, I want it to go well!
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  13. Kayleigh Scott

    Kayleigh Scott New Member

    I will be applying! I'm so nervous about the application process! Fingers crossed for us all though :)
  14. LozMoz

    LozMoz New Member

    I'm applying! Another first timer. I've previously worked in Disney Store but never in the parks. The store was great so can only imagine working in the parks is 1000000000x more exciting! Really keen to work for the Mouse again!
  15. Hannah.H

    Hannah.H New Member

    Another first timer applying here - hopefully everything will go ok for us all! Only just got back from WDW this week so I've got the Disney blues to go back :(
  16. sljohnson254

    sljohnson254 New Member

    I'm applying :).
    I applied last year, got through to pre screens but was unable to go due to personal reasons. Fingers crossed this time. Now I know I really want it, in even more nervous that last year but so excited!! Is everyone prepared with their CV and cover letter?! Xx
  17. SkipperPete

    SkipperPete New Member

    I'm applying too, second time lucky I hope!
    Got through to the Pre-screens last year in Manchester but I was unsuccessful unfortunately.

    I'm hoping that now I have a bit of hospitality experience I might stand a better chance, here's hoping!

  18. Helen1303

    Helen1303 New Member

    How long was it before

    How long was it before you heard whether you had an interview?
  19. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    I am umming and ahhing about applying - I have done the programme previously and I got to the pre-interview stage last year but I was sick and knew straight away that I had failed at the interview and wouldnt be taken any further. I would like to try again

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