June 4th 2013 Start date!

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by WanabeInDisney, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. WanabeInDisney

    WanabeInDisney New Member

    So just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has the same start date as me? ;D Xx

    I'm working in the UK pavilion, food and beverage.
  2. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    I dont have that start date...but Im just amazed that you got one so far out! I think you and another girl who posted about starting in January 2013 are the only ones who have 2013 start dates yet... We just recentrly got an email from yummy jobs saying Disney has not released any new dates from 2012/2013 yet but they will in the next month.

    Congrats though!
  3. ScottishJen

    ScottishJen Member

    Theres about 15 people with start dates for 2013, from January until June, excluding May. Hopefully there will be more after August
  4. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    yea! and I realize your from the UK...all us Canadians are waiting for 2013 dates
  5. WanabeInDisney

    WanabeInDisney New Member

    Thanks Disney2012 ;D Like Jen said there are a few 2013-ers and I do know of one other who starts the same day as me. Just thought i'd put this out there as there should eventually be more of us and not everyone is on the facebook group :D
  6. ScottishJen

    ScottishJen Member

    Ahhh.... Canadian... that explains a lot! I have a very close grasp of my fellow 2013 UK CRPs (and those waiting) and was thinking... "why isn't this person on our fb group by now!?" I'm really hoping they start giving out more dates soon as it adds more excitement/fun when there's groups of people you could talk to about arrival dates, etc, rather than now when its pretty sparse! :)
  7. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    So I found out that im going Feb 12 2013! Do you know of any others starting that date? do you have a 2013 fb group?
  8. ooni

    ooni New Member

    I'm arriving that day! Canadian pavilion, merch.
  9. sh0rty

    sh0rty New Member

    I have the same start date! Jeeej I'm so excited :D
    6,5 month left!

    ...eh I'm from Germany ;)
  10. FranciscoBarrera

    FranciscoBarrera New Member

    I'm Francisco, from Mexico City and I also start June 4th, Attractions! It's nice to meet you all! It's a looong wait though, other Mexican friends start getting there on January, I'm of the last ones to get there, but I can't complain! :D
  11. Tomtom

    Tomtom New Member


    I start at the UK Pav doing Food and Bev on the 4th of June 2013 also!!!!

    Add me on Facebook below!

  12. liberal

    liberal New Member

    My blog is Norwaypavilion.com.
  13. Maritza

    Maritza New Member

    Hi everyone!! I´m from México. I´ll start at June 4th.

    I´ll be in F&B in México´s Pavillion!!!

    See you soon!!!

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