June 4th people

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by slightlymazmad, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    Bumping thi back up to the top since we've reached the three week mark.

    I got another email out today with an updated list on it saying who was on the flight - Keir your name was not there :eek: Actually there where no guys names on it, unless they are sending out two seperate lists ???

    So have you all sorted out your Visa's? I couldnt believe how long it took and in the end i only spoke with the two people for about 5 minutes overall. It was so nice out side as well and really annoying to sit and watch all these people enjoying themselfs in Grovsner Square, in the sun.

    Anyway i should get back to doing some revision
    Chat to you's later
  2. chezza

    chezza New Member

    hey im goin to disney 4th june, fly at 11am from bristol and arrive at orlando int at 6pm!
  3. catwalk2486

    catwalk2486 New Member


    Yeah I also noticed that Keir's name wasn't on the list... and I thought there were more than just 6 on our flight?

    It was apparently 25 degrees the day I went to London - I was lucky if I actually got 5 mins with the 2 people! Unbelievable waste of time, but these things have to be done. Got my passport delivered on Friday with my visa so makes it all worthwhile now :)

    Can't believe its less than 3 weeks now, getting sooo excited now! First exam on mon then 4 left - ahhh. Right, better get back to the books :'(

    See u all VERY soon!!
  4. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member


    Well having not emailed Alexis with all my flight details yet this could be the problem - i guess i shuld get that done now I suppose!
    Went to the embassy yday and it was such a waste of time i think i spoke to 2 people for like 3mins in total - did only q for 1hr 30mins and it would have been soooo much quiker had a bus load of americans not needed in first grrrr!
    But I was sensible and went to Belfast hehe

  5. jenn1984

    jenn1984 Guest

    Was at the embassy yesterday too, where I met Keir who told me about the forum. Thanks for that. Can't believe the amount of people flying out of Glasgow on the 4th. I leave on the 30th May. Going from Glasgow to London and then on to Orlando. Hope someone is on my flight.

  6. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member

    Ahhh so you found the fourm alright then!
    Yesterday was a good laugh - thank god it was not raining while we waited outside grrrrr - dam american microsoft people!

    Emailed Alexis and she sent me the details of people on our flight - there is like 7 of us!

    Not long till we are there now guys - how exciting is that?
    Grrrrrr sadly I still have 2 more exams till we leave!
  7. jenn1984

    jenn1984 Guest

    Yeah I'm pretty sure that was the only time it stopped raining during my 41 hours in Belfast. I didn't think the rain could be any worse than in Glasgow. WRONG. Got my passport and visa back yesterday. It almost made it home quicker than I did. I can't believe they took over twenty pictures to get it right and the embassy just used my passport pic. Probably just as well, I looked like a convict in the other ones.

  8. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member

    This time two weeks tomorrow we will be on the plane - woohoo!
    Not long now - anyway I am off to the library to revise for my exams on mon and tues then I am free to get ready for going to disney!

  9. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    Two weeks tomorrow people!!!!!

    I can so tell that this time in two weeks i'll be packing, repacking, panicing that i dont have all the documents and that i'll discover i dont have something i should have ::)

    Oh well, at least my exams are over now and i can focus entirly on leaving. Good luck to those still sitting exams, i'm sure you will do fine.

  10. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member

    2 weeks today folks!!!! ;D ;D
    Ahhhh exams tomorrow and tues ??? ???
  11. catwalk2486

    catwalk2486 New Member

    OMG... I can't believe its only 2 weeks!! Got my first exam 2mr so got to keep focussed for one more week :(

    I've started to write down lists of things I need, just to make sure I don't forget anything. No doubt there will be something forgotten, knowing me :S

    See u all VERY soon - good luck with packing!!
  12. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member

    10 Days People!!!!!!! :p :p :p
    Not that I am counting down or anything 8) 8)
    Woohooo finished my exams - now all i need to do is move out my crap flat - that joys begins this evening!
  13. jenn1984

    jenn1984 Guest

    Catwalk, I couldn't help noticing you're from Ayrshire. Me too, Kilwinning. Not too far away from sunny Ayr. I don't know anyone else from the area heading out to Florida.

    I think we must have interviewed on the same day but I honestly can't remember you. Anyway maybe I'll see you out there.

  14. catwalk2486

    catwalk2486 New Member

    Hey Jen

    I'm actually from Symington (near Kilmarnock?) Do u stay at home? I had my interview in November in Aberdeen, did u? When r u heading out? I've found one other girl, Linzi, who lives in Kilmarnock and who is going out on the 25th june (she goes to Aberdeen Uni 2) ...small world!!

    Cat :)
  15. jenn1984

    jenn1984 Guest

    I know EXACTLY where Symington is. My mum's friend used to live there and we went down to visit her a few times. I went to school in Kilmarnock so I may know Linzi too.

    I still live at home and travel up and down to Uni in Glasgow (30mins by train) each day. My interview was on Nov 18th in Aberdeen, so we must have had ours on the same day. I'm flying out on Tuesday (May 30th) and I'm soo escited. Have spoken to the 2 others on my flight and met Keir so at least I know some people who are heading over.

  16. catwalk2486

    catwalk2486 New Member

    May 30th?? God, thats sooo close, u all sorted? I've still got one more exam to go then I'm free :D

    I've got loads of friends at uni in glas, perhaps u'll know some? well i'll keep my ears open for another ayrshire accent in Florida - its pretty unmissable, don't u reckon? lol

    Cat :)
  17. jenn1984

    jenn1984 Guest

    You can say that again. All organised I think. I'm sure I will forget something but as long as I remember the important stuff I should be OK. I probably will know some of your friends from the various Universities in Glasgow.

    Hopefully I will see you out there. Look out for me. I will be the pale, blonde wearing LOADS of pink.

  18. catwalk2486

    catwalk2486 New Member

    lol...thats scary..u sound like my identical twin - i'm also blonde and pale (well I will be bacon in Florida!) and I have an obsession with pink too!

    If u think of any things when u get there and have access to this site, could u post up any ideas? thank u:)

    I'm gonna register my USA sim card this weekend so I'll let u know my mob number if u wanna get in touch?

  19. jenn1984

    jenn1984 Guest

    Sure no problem. Wow that is weird. I'm a shopololic too so perhaps we are destined to be good friends. Be sure to give me your mobile number and I can give you mine and maybe we could meet up out there or something.

  20. catwalk2486

    catwalk2486 New Member


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