Just applied and soooo many questions!!

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  1. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Thank you so much for all the answers!! That is good to know about the electronics being tagged, if I get the job I don't think I will bring an electric toothbrush, seems like it would be too much hassle.

    Another quick questions, how many costumes do you get at one time? I know at Disney you were allowed up to 5 costumes, but I assume the DCL costume department is smaller and there aren't as many costumes to be had. I have applied to guest services and I noticed they have a couple of different costumes they wear.

    Again thank you so much for all the information!
  2. roxy84

    roxy84 New Member

    Yeah - the costuming on board is really small so it depends on departments and sizes on board. I know for YA I got 5 shirts, 3 pants, 1 pair of shorts (on a good contract), plus my castaway cay costume (1). There was a contract where I lasted on 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. The turnaround for costumes is about 48 hours, so be prepared to go to costuming a lot to switch out clothes. You aren't supposed to wash your costumes yourself, but many people did including myself - it was just easier in the grand scheme of things. The Dream has a 24 hour drop off bin (the magic and wonder do not).

    I think with guest services, you have a day and evening costume, and a castaway costume. I'm not sure how many you will get.
  3. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Hey Everyone!

    I just found out I am going to the Wonder on December 18th!!!! I am going to be a guest services hostess!! I am so excited! Does anyone have any packing tips, or just general living on board the cruise ship tips?
  4. roxy84

    roxy84 New Member

    Congrats! There was a packing discussion, not too long ago that has some good packing tips. Everyone over packs their first contract, it just happens.

    The wonder doesn't have a lot of storage for suitcases so it is better if you use a soft sided duffle bag (I got one with wheels). The normal rolly bags will be a pain to store.

    Life on board can be hard at times, and I don't know if you celebrate Christmas or not, but it is hard over the holidays, especially if you are new. There will be holiday parties and such which are lots of fun. You may want to bring some nicer outfits for those.

    Bring anything from Canada that you cannot get in the US. On the West coast, there is a Walmart in one of the Mexican ports (PV I think). It's always good to bring enough toiletries and such to last the first 3 weeks just in case you cannot get to a store due to days off.

    There are some LOVELY people on the wonder (I was only there for 7 weeks but know many transfers). You will have a great time (Plus I'm super jealous about the Hawaii and Alaska cruises next spring)

    Be prepared for your first week to be very training intense. Half your time with be with a HR trainer, and the other half will be hands on training at GS.

    PS. I think it is too funny that we've switched places - I am in the middle of applying for the CRP for Canada. I just found out that I'm going on to the F2F interview.
  5. Catefran90

    Catefran90 New Member

    Just putting together my finishing touches on my outfit for my Youth Entertainment Hostess audition on tuesday...any advice on what people will be wearing?


  6. cowza

    cowza New Member

    A clean, classic look is always adviseable. Don't be scared to smile. Just do it warmly and genuinely. Good luck!
  7. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Hey Roxy!

    Thank you so much for all your help, it has really calmed my nerves. I am going to be getting a wheeled duffel bag and I think it will be about 9 inches tall, is that going to fit under the bed on the wonder?

    Also in the packing list you mention that some positions will get guest area privileges, do some positions not get guest area privileges? Would people who work in Guest Services get to go into the guest areas?

    And would you happen to know what footwear I will need for guest services? Do they send you a pack about your role and the ship before you leave?

    And that is amazing you are applying for CRP!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  8. roxy84

    roxy84 New Member

    On the wonder they have a drawer that slides under the bed so it is as long as the width of a twin bed and about a foot across? You will also have a closet and some rooms do have space at the end of the bed for suitcases and other things (they have a couple different layouts). My duffle bag was pretty big.

    Yes some positions do not have access to guest areas - basically any "crew" - guest services I believe count as a petty officer (as well as YA, Cruise staff, rec staff). We were allowed to go see the shows, go into the stores, go get a coffee from Cove Cafe, use the pools etc. You will need to be in Disney Look, and there are varying dress nights (semi formal, formal etc).

    I am not 100% sure what footwear you will need for GS. You should get a package with info before you leave. I would imagine you need black dress shoes. You may also need white running shoes (this would be for Castaway Cay, so maybe you won't need them on the wonder?)

    I know a couple people from DCL that did the CRP so I am pretty comfortable at this moment, I will let you know if I have any questions.
  9. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Hey! Would anyone be able to give me some dimensions on the bags that would fit in the magic and wonder? I am looking at a rolling duffel bag that is 26" wide by 11" height by 16 1/2" deep. Is that going to be way to big?

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