Just back from visiting Shayna!

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by Mom of an Applicant, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Mom of an Applicant

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    I took a quick trip down to see Shayna and things seem to be 'okay'. It was helpful to see where and what she's doing at work, as well as seeing where she is living.

    I have to say I didn't realize how far away Vista is from Chatham/Commons. It's unfortunate for the Vista kids that they are that disconnected from the rest of the bunch. The apartments are nothing to write home about IMHO. Security was good, and I appreciated seeing that.

    Unfortunately, on one of the days Shayna was working, we parted ways in MK and she went down the 'rabbit hole' to get ready for work. She learned a hard life lesson...not for one second can you leave your locker open! Sad to say, but someone went into her locker and stole her work shoes while she had gone to the washroom! Not very magical that's for sure! She had to call in for a 'personal day' at the last minute and was hysterical when she found us. It's a miracle she did! We had to change plans, hail a cab and go off property to get her new shoes for the next day. She was so mad, and so disappointed that someone working for Disney would do that, that she was ready to pack it all in! Not what we needed! :eek:

    Convinced her that it was just a pair of shoes and that she now knows that she can't leave her locker unlocked under any circumstances! I just hope whoever took the shoes gets the karma they deserve...they certainly crushed Shayna's 'magic'! Not very Disney-like...

    She was able to stay with us at our resort which gave her a nice break from her apartment. It was really hard to leave her. Actually harder than when she left in the first place. This wonderful adventure was beginning then and, sad to say, this time the reality of the situation was not what she had expected. It was tough...

    We are planning to head down again on August 19th to stay at Port Orleans and Beach Club. She's on the reservation and can enjoy EMH and the free dining plan! Should be a great way to end this experience! We will just bring her (and all her stuff) back home with us! :)
  2. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    Hi there

    Sorry to hear that Shaynas time isnt getting much better. It makes me so angry in any situation when people take things that don't belong to them- if you didnt earn it and its not yours then LEAVE IT!! I really hope she finds more situations that make the 'magic' real, rather than horrible occassions like this that are ruining it for her. I really hope she doesn't let this incident get the better of her- shes got to remember that unfortunately as great as we'd love Disney to be it is people who work there, and the problem is people are not perfect.

    I really hope things get better and she can stay positive, although I realise it must be hard. Ive got everything crossed that her experience improves! :)

    Big Hugs for her and you


  3. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    Oh you'll love the Beach Club and the Yacht Club too since the two are right next door to each other. Its got a really nice pool :D Not that i work there or anything... ;)

    Its a very special pool where you have to have wrist bands to swim in it. Listen out for the Scottish accent telling the kids to "Please get of the rocks" or "Stop chasing the ducks please" (you would seriously think people had never seen a duck before the way some of them go on)

    Glad to hear things are going ok, cant believe someone took her shoes though :eek: I cant wait for some of my family to come over and visit though i suspect that they are coming across to make full use of my disney discount and not really to see me :p

    Anyway its great to hear you had a good time and i'm sure your already looking forward to your next trip down here
  4. FeeBleu

    FeeBleu New Member

    Well if it makes her any better when I worked at DLRP, I left my locker open just for a couple of minutes to fetch a new pair of pants for my costume. When I got backm there was a gal checking out my locker and using my make up lol ;D It upseted me at first so when I arrived I asked her if she needed any help... lol :mad: Now when I think about it I laugh about it, but back then I thought it was rather rude... Now she did steal anything, but still.... :-\
  5. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    TERRIBLE how someone can SNATCH your DISNEY DREAM right from underneath your eyes......EVEN over a silly pair of work shoes!! GROW UP PEOPLE!!
    Enough about THAT!!

    Shayna sounds like she is sticking it out and I am SURE that the visit from you mom made things EASIER for her!! Being away from home is ONE THING, but having your parents visit and then have to say good bye AGAIN is another!!

    Let's hope that by the NEXT VISIT, she is in BETTER spirits and that life is MUCH BETTER!! ;D ;D
  6. FeeBleu

    FeeBleu New Member

    Just out of curiosity, where does Shanya work again ? sorry if I forgot :-[
  7. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    Shayna works at the Barnstormer in Toontown i think.
  8. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    Thanks for all the responses!

    I was surprised to receive a PM from a student here on the board, suggesting (politely, mind you) that I should let my daughter grow up and not be dependent on me. That I'm not giving her the opportunity to mature and figure things out for herself.

    It's interesting to think someone believes I'm smothering my daughter, when I'm actually being the 'mean mom' in telling her she has to work this out and stay there! ???

    I apologize if my posts are not seen as constructive and helpful. I may be a 'mom' on here (not many of us!), but I think that having passed Shayna's experience along has helped a few people gain a better understanding of how things are going to be - realistically. I wish she had had a better grip before she headed out!

    Anyway, I will continue to read everyone's posts - I've enjoyed the connection!

    Have a great day! :)
  9. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    Oh, and Brynna...you're right...Shayna works in Toontown doing Barnstormer, Mickey's House greeter and a few other things. It's a great gig!

    Glad to hear she caught up with you!
  10. FeeBleu

    FeeBleu New Member

    Cool, now that I know Ill try to hop over one of these days to say hi and introduce myself to her ;)
  11. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    Your a MOM. Period!! It's your JOB to take care of you and you SO do NOT want her to fail and give up on a DREAM of her's!! Sorry but my mom TOTALLY would be doing the same thing!! Although she is NOT a computer person!! ;D :D

    Your NOT smoothering her in MY opinion and your doing what I would WANT my mother to do!! WORRY about me, LOVE ME and do EVERYTHING she could for me!!

    Ain't that a momma's job??

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Your an AWESOME MOMMA!!!
  12. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    Thanks a bunch! You made my day! ;D
  13. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    NO need to thank me MOM!!

    I wish my mother would be SO positive and SUPPORTIVE as you are to Shayna!!

    She is a VERY lucky girl!! ;D ;D
  14. monkian

    monkian New Member

    I'm with SLG

    three cheers for mom!!!!! whoop ! whoop! whoop!

    definatly doing the right thing....not only encouraging and supporting your child ...but also giving folks like Ikle old me ....a heads up on the situation...and what the pitfalls can be.

    you are not smothering!!!!! and the kid that pm'd you ... ithink maybe their mum may be a little smothering and they are probably just wrried about that...or something...either that or their momma just takes less interest, so your worry seemed compartively larger...not that i think their parent is bad...just probably different.
  15. PlanetD

    PlanetD Member

    Yup I agree, you are doing a great job.

    I went to a similar experience with my brother last year. You have a certain view or image of a company you are working for. But indeed people can ruin everything.

    My mom did the same thing everytime he called. Telling him to stay there and make the best of things. I do believe it gives life experience and people insight so you'd definetely learn something that might be very valuable in the future although the experience may not have been to pretty.

    I am glad this was posted! It is a reminder that no matter who often Mickey moves his wand through the air or how much pixie dust tinkerbell is trying to spread there are allways people that do not behave and that influence your stay. The world is far from perfect and since Disneyworld is part of this world, the samething counts for them.

    In those cases I'd say try and see the bigger picture, it may be a bit individualistic but stand out, do what is right, let the (bad) people be, and make your own performance (without loosing kindness, respect, and don't feel high-above-the-rest). That usually works for me and somehow people start respecting you for not giving up or in and working hard and just being you, and they will turn round in due time.

    Anyway...I guess I am saying that you are doing a great job at being a parent and that my parents have done the same thing to my brother which was good. That I hope your daugther will have a chance to enjoy the experience and that I am sorry that this has happend to her. You don't want that to happen to anybody.
  16. Ona

    Ona Member

    Hiya! :)

    So sorry to hear that the pixie dust hasn't been sprinkled thickly enough in Shayna's direction. :-\

    Just to let you (& Shayna) know, I'm gonna be working in toontown merch from this week. I know we'll not be working together but we'll def. see a lot of each other working in the same area. So I'm gonna keep an eye out for her and give Tinkerbell a call and tell her off for being stingy with the 'ole pixie dust. I'm gonna make sure Shayna gets more than her fair share of pixie dust. ;)

    Ona x
  17. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    Hey Ona! That's great that you're working in Toontown! Congratulations! ;D
  18. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    Shayna would love to meet you! Have a great day!
  19. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Oh my goodness, can't believe it's been so long since all those ICP's went home. Still wish Shayna, Shanan, Kev and all the rest were still here....not had that many late night wendy's trips since they left....boo!
  20. Shivasauras

    Shivasauras New Member

    ^ Hey you missed me out! ;)I miss Wendy's. Im going to build one here

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