Leaving December 6th

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by Izzy, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Izzy

    Izzy New Member

    Hi everyone. :)

    I just thought I would start this topic to see who is leaving on December 6th and to introduce myself.

    Im Elizabeth, otherwise known as Izzy and I will be working in Merchandise and flying from Manchester.

    I can't wait to meet you all - it's gonna be so much fun! ;D

    Izzy xx
  2. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Hey Izzy!!

    Congrats on getting the job!! Although IM not leaving that day I thought Id bump your topic up after all the recent crazy posting!!!

    Yay for you for getting the job - guess Ill cu out in florida in december!!!

    Michelle xx
  3. Oblivion

    Oblivion New Member

    Hi izzy!
    I'm leaving for Orlando on december 6th.
    A can't wait to get over there. It'll be awsome!!
  4. helen

    helen New Member

    Hey Izzy,

    Well you already know I'm flying out with you on that day!!!! only 31 weeks to go....how sad am I? ::)
    just thought I would remind everyone to lok out for us when we get there!! ;)

    Helen x
  5. kelly_p

    kelly_p New Member

    oh belive me helen - we will be waiting lol ;D
  6. helen

    helen New Member

    Good, Good thats what I want to hear ;D

    I just dont want our TGI people to forget about us!! Lol

    p.s We will get Ellen there one way or another to complete our group!!

    Helen x
  7. cheerAli@Disney!

    cheerAli@Disney! New Member

    HEy everyone!
    I am also leaving for disney on dec. 6th. I'll be leaving all my friends and family in cold montreal, quebec, canada to party it up with you guys in sunny hot florida!!!! Can't wait :D ;D. I hope we are all flying in at the same time so that we can meet each other before going to the commons!
  8. Huicho

    Huicho New Member

    Hi, can't wait too see you there (hopefully). Mexico is what i'm leaving bhind for one year. Take care.
  9. helen

    helen New Member

    Hey Huicho,

    Welcome to our Dec departure group, shame you have to leave Mexico I would love to go there, but i'm sure your year in Florida will be well worth it ;D

    What job have you got in Disney?

    Helen x
  10. malsywals

    malsywals New Member

    hey izzy and eveyone! don't forget about me! i'll be leaving december 6, too! it seems so far away from now, doesn't it?!
    oh well! we'll pull through together!!
  11. Huicho

    Huicho New Member

    I've got the job in Merch. I'm sure it will be awesome, I'm not really that sad about leaving mexico for one year, but it will be nice for you to come, it's a beautiful country (jejejej). But anyway see you in florida. ;D
  12. Mandy_W

    Mandy_W New Member

    dont forget about me...im leaving dec. 6 as well!! its crazy that 31 weeks a still left till departure( thanks for counting helen ;))

    looking forward to meeting ya'll out there

    just curious about who would like to come to a football game with me......im lovin it ;D
  13. helen

    helen New Member

    Hey Mandy its only 24 weeks and 1day now ;) ;) (can you tell im excited)

    Yeah i'll come to the football match with you, just to see what its like, i go to my local football matches so it would be nice to see what its like in a diff country :D

    Helen x
  14. Sheridan

    Sheridan New Member

    Hey guys!! Ill also be leaving Dec 6th!! I cant believe how fast this yr is going...But Im a little sad when I think of Disney right now, because my grandfather just passed away on fathers day (sunday) and the funerals on wed...He was one of my most fav ppl ever...I was 'his girl' =P And he and my grandmother and parents were supposed to come visit me next yr...He was really proud of me...so its been a lil hard...but Im sure I will survive and still have lots of fun =))
  15. helen

    helen New Member

    Hey Sher,

    Sorry to hear that, I know its going to be really hard for you at the mo and there not much i can say to make you feel any better, but belive me you will feel better with time. I lost my granddad a few years ago not and he once came to Disney with us years ago, I always think of him but is a lot easier now.

    Just take care and try to get on here as much as you can, it will help.

    Helen x
  16. Mandy_W

    Mandy_W New Member

    hey Sher,
    im sorry about you grandfather! if you need to talk i think there are a bunch of ppl who will just listen to you...so feel free to talk about anything you want.... we love you( can we say that even though we havent met yet? *lol*)...anyway...im scared to loose any of my grandparents cuz i know my dads parents are not doing too well and im afraid that soemthing is gonna happen while im overthere....it scares me cuz i wouldnt know what to do then....
  17. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    Hey Sher, so sorry to hear that, I know exactly how you feal...
    as helen said, you will feal better with time

    @Mandy, don't worry, everything will probably work out for you if something DOES happen....
    When I was in the military last year, my grandmother had two strokes, so I got time off from the military and went to see her (she lived in america, and I live in Norway), so supervisors understand those kind of things. I was very happy I got to see her as she passed away a couple of days after I returned...
  18. Sheridan

    Sheridan New Member

    Thanx guys! I appreciate it...I just came home today, and I kno fer sure time will go by and it will get easier...but let me tell u, christmas was a ritual with him and my nanny every yr...so this yr at christmas is going to be hard...

    But I have a wonderful family! And all we did was remember him and have alot of fun!! And that def always helps =) And I kno that will not end!
  19. Huicho

    Huicho New Member

    Sorry Sher, we're here for you.
  20. Mandy_W

    Mandy_W New Member


    ithought i'd bring up the topic again and ask who is leaving dec.6??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i know we are quite a few ppl now!!!!
    so let us know you newbies!!!!!!!


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