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  1. emma

    emma New Member

    Hi everyone
    i thought it would be best to post this message on here because u lot will hopefully know the answer! well done all for getting thru and have a wonderful time!

    I will be 18 wen i interview in february and am currently doing my Alevels.my last a level is at the end of June, and i have deferred my uni entry for september 2006. this means that i have limited time which they could send me if i were succesful.

    did ne1 else have similar guidlines of the time they could go? will disney acknowledge my situation or do u think it will limit my chances. i want this more than anthing.

    thanks for ur help if ne1 can. x x x
    emma x x x
  2. Louisa

    Louisa New Member

    well of course there is a bigger chance that they will let you go if you have don't have a limited time. But it's not a bigger problem. They don't think that you are not wearth picking as a castmemeber cos you have limited time to go.  If you have the qualityes they are looking for you will get a job and they will try to work hard to get you in to the program. Don't worry about it. If you are meant to be in the program you will some day.

    And one more thing; if you have limited time it is a bigger chance that you get to go then you want to. I didn't have any limited time when I wished to go. event though I really wanted to go in july. I ended you going in september.

  3. emma

    emma New Member

    thanks lou thats great...im sure they will realsie that its uni so its important but its up2them! thanxx x x

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