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  1. rachel5387

    rachel5387 New Member

    heya... do we have a locker in our rooms? where can we keep money and valuables? x
  2. madge62

    madge62 New Member

    Yup, my daughter took down 2 combination locks. One for the locker in her room/closet and one for the locker she'll use at work when she starts on Rock n' Roller Coaster on Wednesday!
  3. PopcornPrincess

    PopcornPrincess New Member

    When you walk into cast services, There is just row's and row's of lockers, Somewhere in cast services. And you get assigned one, but if you don't use it they check if yourn't using it they take them away, but you can get a new one quickly! Anyways whatever you do, When you go to work, every work place has a back room, where you can leave, Coats
    Change of clothes, Ladies, Do not Leave your purses in this room, I left mine, and my cellphone, and 200 was stolen outa my purse! And it's not your Work to blame, cause not only do you guys use that staff room, but all of the cleaning people do as well, So just think of how many different people are walking back and forth to your back room!! Don't leave anything valuble!

    As for your house, Every person, comes with a locker, you do not get a lock, Now depending on your household of people, You can use this locker or not, i got the best girls Ever in my apartment and we all trusted each other very much, the only thing i did was lock up my laptop when I went to work, cause maintence peopleare always comming in and outa your aparment like crazy! so lock things up when you leave!
  4. rachet

    rachet New Member

    i know this topic has been left alone for a looong time (im not sure why it came up on my screen since i havent been scrolling back through lots of pages?! it just came up near the start of unread topics. but anyway....) do you get given a key or lock or whatever for the lockers in the cast services place then, even though u dont get one at the flats?
  5. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    Yup I was given a combo for the locker at Epcot Cast Services the moment I got my costumes. I wasn't given a lock for Epcot ODF breakroom (or lack there of ::)) yet was able to get one easily at Mission:SPACE.

    So in short CS is easy and given to everyone, your work location ones depend on location.
  6. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    at my work location we had had lockers but i never used a lock on the door, and i never used my locker in my apartment and i left my laptop out where other people used it... probably not the best thing to do but nothing happened to my stuff!! but dont do what i did!!! i was just lazy. better to be safe than sorry!!
  7. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    I have YET to put my things into my locker........everyones laptops are out on the livingroom tables and everyone is HONEST and TRUSTING in MY flat. That does NOT work for EVERYONE.....we are very close in this flat so I have NEVER had a worry about someone stealing ANYTHING!! That is NOT to say that it would NEVER happen but I do trust my flat mates.......however when they all move out, I WILL be using the locker provided in my room!! I even brought 2 locks with me!! ;D
  8. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member

    just a little reminder, that its not just the other flatmates u have to trust.... u may occasionally have maintenance people in, and i have heard of peoples laptops being stolen!!!

    so if u do leave ur expensive items out, if u know any maintenance people will be around, lock them up!

    its not nice to think that people will steal ur stuff when they are in to do sumthing like fix ur toilet or sumthing, but sadly, it can happen :-[
  9. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    Yeah I've heard of that too, one day the cleaning crew went through one girls apartment, stole some things and threw others out (hid them in the bottom of trash cans).

    I also know of one guy whos roomate got termed and took it upon himself to remove my co-workers Xbox 360 to Hawaii with him.

    Just because you're trusting of your roomates, dosn't mean they're going to take anything while they live with you.
  10. Mrkuri

    Mrkuri New Member

    ok just in case of something like that ill put my things in the locker, i just hope my laptop fits in there
  11. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    It should unless it's the size of a desktop PC.
  12. Mrkuri

    Mrkuri New Member

    well i hope so if not ill look for places to hide it really good
  13. tvbs28062

    tvbs28062 New Member


    Yeah, that's right!!!

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