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Discussion in 'ICP Applicants Discussion' started by Alexandraa, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Jayze

    Jayze Member

    is anyones DOC still blank?
  2. Suze

    Suze New Member

    Yes :( mine has been blank since the 18th of Jan. I've emailed the recruiting team and I got the reply saying your page will be updated as you go further through the application process.
  3. Lorna1

    Lorna1 New Member

    yeahhh mine is till blank!
  4. Schokman

    Schokman New Member

    Lol I can't even log into DOC =/
  5. Bree13

    Bree13 New Member

    Yes mine is still blank also, Im kind of relieved that Im not the only one, was starting to get a little nervous haha. I got the same response Suze. Oh well I guess we wait :)
  6. Jayze

    Jayze Member

    yeah i got that response too! i thought it was just me.
  7. Breans

    Breans New Member

    The DOC site has notified of the site being down tomorrow afternoon for a while, so hopefully that means their updating a whole bunch applications and accounts. My documents came up after the last site upgrade :)
  8. Jayze

    Jayze Member

    I applied oct 3rd and have just received an email early this morning informing me i have an interview March 20 at Waikato University. DOC is still not working because of updates but they sent me another email with the student form attached, and what roles i would prefer to work in. I hope you all hear soon!!!!! i have my fingers crossed. :)

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