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  1. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    I've turned from very excited to very panicky! I don't go until August, but I've got a few questions I want answers to now ;D

    1. Duvets and pillows? I've read that people take them out there with them? Does everyone do this? And if not where can they be purchased as I'm flying in on my arrival date and don't want to have nothing to sleep on!

    2. Phones? I'm going to buy a Blackberry to use whilst my contract is still going. It ends in August (good timing!), will I be able to put a US sim card in it? Or use a UK sim card and top up in Florida?

    3. Clothes! I've been giving my uni funds for getting this (I didn't stick out A Levels, so it's come in handy for this!) and my brain says flights etc, and heart says clothes and shoes! How many outfits would you say you would need? And the professional gear you wear to traditions is it? Is there more information sent through for that?

    4. Flights... I don't understand train stations let alone airports. WHAT IF I GET LOST AHH.

    5. I've found one more person with my arrival date, what actually happens when you get there? Is there people already in your room and then you just knock on the door and say hiiiiiii I'm moving in?! ;D
  2. KatLou26

    KatLou26 New Member

    Well, can probs help you more once I'm there but, for quick answers...

    1) I'm taking them, but you don't have to. They don't have duvet/covers out there, so if you like one then take one. If not you can get sheets and a comforter. All does the same job.

    2) I don't know...I'm just getting a cheapo phone

    3) I think you only need 2/3 smart outfits. I'm just taking black trousers and a few oasis tops (their smart ones that can double up for going out). The exact rules are on the disney programmes website, basically go conservative (was going to put a link but their web is down atm for some reason). You probably won't be able to take loads of clothes but because you know you can be savvy and start preparing now and getting useful things/ basics.

    4) You can't get lost in an airport. If in doubt, ask someone dressed in yellow...

    5) I didn't know anyone with my date until July-ish. About a month ago yummy emailed with email addresses of all the people on my arrival date, there are 7 so we've been emailing/ facebooking each other. Don't know about when I get there...been asking the same question myself, I think we get taken there by the arrivals people, cos you have to get from vista to wherever you're living!

    Hope that helps!! Ask the rest in a couple of weeks!! x x x
  3. slider655

    slider655 Member

    Regarding phones, most people get a $30 pay as you go and use it for the year, if you take a phone out, make sure it is tri band to work in the USA. yummy jobs did some USA sim cards that you can buy from them and put in your phone to take out, and it works like pay as you go. You can sign up to AT+T but bear in mind if you want to use mobile internet etc its gonna cost ya! :)
  4. Jen_J

    Jen_J New Member

    Heya! I've got a Blackberry too and I wasn't looking forward to not having it for a year, but I just rang up my phone company and they set me up with a deal for 6 months starting on the 31st this month which is when I fly out to start 2nd Nov. This means I'm paying exactly the same amount for my Internet/ BBM/ texts and calls back home as I am now, and I wont be put on any "roaming" charge.

    There is a limit on the calls and internet per month, but I'll be mainly Skype-ing and FBing everyone at home so should be plenty. I know it's only for the first 6 months but it's better than nothing :) and I can always get some cheap phone if I have to.

    Are you on a contract?? If so give them a ring and hopefully they can sort you a deal Xx
  5. kmp189

    kmp189 New Member

    With the housing, they only decide 24hours before you arrive who you are going to be placed with and which apartment complex you will be put in. I emailed the Disney arrival team to ask them how it is done as there are around 15 of us starting on 7th December from UK and Canada. However, if you find you don't like who you are living with or find someone you want to live with I believe it is easy enough to change...A few people already have.

    With phones I'm changing my UK sim to Pay as you go and may get a Yummy sim so I can still use my phone as I have only just brought a new one.
  6. meelie

    meelie New Member

    This is so helpful guys, good questions Myah - I was wondering the exact same things!!
  7. 1. Would probably be cheaper for you to buy them when you get down there. Wal-Mart= super cheap!!!! most airlines charge for extra baggage so just go to Wal-Mart when you get there, its closeby the apartments!

    2. Probably would be much better/cheaper to get a US sim because if you stick with your UK one, it'll probably be the most expensive thing you'll ever have!!! Not sure if it works for you like that, but in Canada if we use our Canadian numbers/sims in the US- the "roaming" charges KILLLL the bill!!

    3. Bring a professional outfit and just enough clothes to last maybe 2-3 weeks, then you'll get paid :D

    4. Airports are pretty straight forward- they tell you where to go, and when to go, and what you need!! I've traveled alone a few times and its easy!

    5. Yepppp :) lol they probably already know you're coming!
  8. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    1. buy at walmart - when you arrive get into your room then call a cab to take you to walmart and you can grab one outside to come back once you have done your huge shop.

    buy a cheapo phone in walmart they cost around $30 and some you can get unlocked so you can call home on them as well - i had a net10 worked fine and could phone home if i needed to.

    3. take minimum clothes your gonna be hitting the malls and you will need 2 professional outfits, and 1 tidy pair of shoes. other clothes just a couple fo shorts and tee shirts and some white/natural colour bras for wearing under your work clothes cos the blouses go see through in the rain lol

    4. book your own flight do not book with disney they btake you indirect and you wont get there till the early hours - try virgin they are usually about £450ish. keep all travel receipts for anything else you use to get to the airport like trains etc you can claim them back too. in the airport its simple make sure you leave enough time to get their - as its long haul you need to be there at least 3 hours before your flight departure time. i would plan on getting there around 4 hours before so you can browse the shops and not panic too much. you will be fine they will put the gate number up in plenty of time so just head to it following the signs

    5. they put you in any available space. you might be sharing with someone who has been there a while or it might be nother new person. when i arrived i was put in an 8 people apartment you would be very very lucky to get in a 2 person apartment tho so expect to be in at least a 4 person one
  9. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    1. theres no need to take duvets etc with you,you can pick up the basics after you arrive and then get everything else in the first few days - you can get a taxi to walmart from housing and grab what you need, easy!!!!!! when you arrive in your room theres just a mattress and the bed itself, nothing else, so just go to walmart and grab a pillow or 2 and a comforter and sheet etc - and thats you sorted for your 1st night! yay!!! :D

    2. Phones....ermmmm if i was you i would try and cancel your contract before you leave the UK and then just get a cheap pay as you go phone in orlando..... to use your UK phone over there long term is guna cost a fortune - especially if you have a blackberry or iphone etc and they charge for roaming (my mate went to orlando on holiday last year, only turned her phone on a few times to read her texts etc and came home to a phone bill of nearly £900....nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) you can get cheap handsets in walmart etc and they will do you fine (infact, the majority of people use the cheap no frills phones,so really no need to worry about getting a blackberry etc!)

    3. dont take loads of clothes, just get some basics and then you can get the rest after you get there! id say to take a few skirts that you can dress down (for beach, pool etc) and dress up at night and same with a dress or 2, pair of shorts, strappy tops, tshirts, flipflops etc..... you need to take smart stuff for traditions and discovery day so maybe smart skirt/shirt or trousers etc and shoes to go with that!

    4. lol, you wont get lost hun, promise!!!!!!!! i had never been out of the UK before i did my program! just get to the airport about 3 hours before your flight is due to leave, check in, go straight through security and then RELAX in the departure lounge!!!! EASY!!!!!!! :)

    5. yeah when you arrive youl get your apartment key and stuff in a little welcome pack and then you pretty much just head off and find your appartment and let yourself in! there probs will already be others in there when you get there - they will be aware that a new person is due to arrive but they may be out or at work when you get there so you may find that you arrive to an empty appartment!!! but just make yourself at home, ITS YOUR NEW HOME!!!!!!!!! :)
  10. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    Okay, thanks for your answers! ;D

    Would it be easy to find someone to come to Walmart with me?
    And if I get a pay as you go Blackberry in the UK would I still be able to call home?

    I panic so much ;D
  11. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    id imagine that a PAYG BB would work in florida, it will be quadband so yeah you will be able to use it, i just meant that it will pretty much drain your credit as it uses roaming (as do all "smart phones") so your credit will be gone in a flash!!!!!!

    you will alwaysss be able to find someone to go to walmart with - get involved in arrival groups on this forum and on facebook etc (not just UKs but get to know all the internationals aswell!!!) and also when you arrive now you all have to meet at vista way (i think) and then get taken to your own housing complex so youl get chatting to others during this process aswell, just dont be afraid to say hello to everyone and suggest a trip to walmart, everyone will be in the same boat and needing to go and buy things when they arrive! ont panic, youl be FINE!!!!!!
  12. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    I can just imagine me screaming "I WANT MY MUMMY" haha! Nah, I am totally excited!

    Oooh yay for the Blackberry, I only want it cos I found a nice Disney case!
  13. villagomez

    villagomez New Member

    Wow, there's a lot of great info on here :D it's gonna be useful to everyone about to start their programs

    I'm still months away :( but oh wells, i'll be there eventually :D!!

    See you guys on May :D!!!
  14. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    id go with what kerry said - talk to everyone and anyone you meet on the forums from all the different countries and when you arrive - suggest a walmart trip and watch everyone want to come - awww the firstwalmart trip is so special hehe - make sure you pick up a few essentials too like bread, cheese milk tea etc as your first few days are going to be very busy and you will prob want to buy snacks etc - ooohh dont forget to buy loo roll!!! depending on the appt size your in there will be 2-4 of you sharing a bathroom and sometimes people shar and between them decide to split costs of stuff like that and cleaner tho but just in case hehe.

    i would seriously not use your uk phone out there - as i said you will be able to call home on one of the cheapo walmart phones or buy a calling card - you can also receive calls from home in ya appartment on the phone as well. uk phone will be uber expensive to run

    dont panic about the flight - im not sure if they still do this but disney sent us out mickey stickers to wear at the airport so we could recognise other disney people - thats how i met one of the girls arriving on my date and me and the other guy on the same flight and her all pretty much had each other to hype us up all the way there.

    if they dont give them out a big im going to work for disney shirt would help hehe - nahi know some people who disneyified their belongings like stencilling mickey onto them and stuff which worked well too
  15. grooveyem

    grooveyem New Member

    Loads of people out here at the mo are on Metro PCS. It's $60 a month but you get unlimited texts (might be international ones too, I'm not sure), free internet, free calls and free calls to international landlines (which is why most people have it). Then you just buy whichever handset you want, so if you save up, you could get your blackberry, or you could get a phone off someone who's leaving.
  16. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    Another question...

    Bathrooms ;D

    Whats the shower like? Haha, random I know! But is it a bath one or a cubicle! Found a well funky shower curtain y'see!
  17. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    the showers are over the bath tub, its not a cubicle. they supply shower curtains tho so save space in your suitcase and dont bother taking one! if you must get a new one then leave it till you arrive, walmart do nice ones!
  18. ashley86

    ashley86 New Member

    Orlando IS THE EASIEST AIRPORT TO NAVIGATE!!! there is no way you can get lost. I guarantee it!!!
  19. linsey

    linsey New Member

    I'll help you out when we arrive. Nearer the time you can let me know when you think you'll get there, I can pass on my cell number (I already have one) and I can help you out, with recommendations etc :)
    And if I get out there early enough to buy my own car I'll take a load of peeps to wallmart, lol!
  20. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    awww linsey you are going to be the newbies mama out there hehe

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