March 20th London Interviews

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by KirstyLouise, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. JamesE

    JamesE New Member

    Hey Beth,

    Long time no hear, glad ur ok. Yeah me and the other beth are in! YAY! I bet ur glad all ur uni stuff is now all sorted. We are all praying for jilly if she reapplies.

    I think a south coast eve out would be a great idea. i go on aug 8th so anytime from now till then. whats best dates for u, just to get an idea.

    u never been a staranger either just got to get urself up to speed with the gossip.

    Chat soon

    ;D Jx ;D
  2. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member

    aw thanks u guys!

    just realised im the only 20th out of our little group who isnt sad is that??

    but even if im not out to work il be out for a holiday!

    shame u guys couldnt make it to alton towers so i guess next time il see u will be in orlando!! even more exciting!!

    x x
  3. doowop

    doowop New Member

    Go for it Jilly hun!! x
  4. Megara

    Megara New Member

    Yeah, please try again Jilly, you so deserve to be with us... and Lizzie
  5. JamesE

    JamesE New Member

    Hey All,

    Well I thought id post to see how you all are and whats been going on? Hope those of you that are enjoying Alton Towers as I type this have a good time and give us others all the gossip when you get back online.

    Chat Soon, J
  6. littlemissdisney

    littlemissdisney New Member

    I am free most weekday evenings at the mo if I book in advance! Or at the weekends - some Sundays over the next few weeks I am free. We could go for a meal during a week somewhere, or at the weekend, or go to Thorpe Park one Sunday - but as long as we do it before August 8th then you can come James!

    from Beth
  7. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    check out my uk lads initiation pics

    there is enough pics tht doesn't give it away but it's the worst thing u are goin to do put it that way !!!!!
    I'll b laughing next time when i see y guys do it and i have new ideas for the next one's LOL
  8. doowop

    doowop New Member

    It looks gross.. i odnt wanna go to disney!! hehe just kiddin!!

    BRING IT!!!

  9. PrincessNat

    PrincessNat New Member

    OMG!! Those pictures are horrible! I'm not eating stuff like that! Ian, I hope you're gonna be nice to me when i come out!? :eek:

    Beth, good to see you back on the boards. A trip to thorpe park sounds like a good idea but i dont know if you'll get me on that new ride though, I'm such a wuss! You should have seen how scared I was on Air at Alton Towers! ;D
  10. littlemissdisney

    littlemissdisney New Member

    Awww Nat! Air is fabulour - just feels like you're flying! Don't worry I wouldn't force you to go on anything you didn't want to! So when is everyone free for Thorpe Park? I'm working full time now that I've finished uni and I've already used up all my annual leave allowance till December (and more!) so it would have to be a weekend if that's ok - is a Sunday any good for people?

    from Beth
  11. Megara

    Megara New Member

    YES!!!! Sundays are good for me, normally. Lordy, I may actually get to a reunion :eek:
  12. Steph Andrews

    Steph Andrews New Member

    Hi Ian

    Looks like your having fun out there, we are all looking forward to joining you over the next few months. and those picture are rather gross 9as mike put it).

    Have fun, chat soon

  13. JamesE

    JamesE New Member

    25 Days Ian and i expect that will be me as well as everyone else who comes after!
  14. doowop

    doowop New Member

    Cant believe u go in 25 days mate!! :(
  15. Beth

    Beth New Member


  16. JamesE

    JamesE New Member

    24 Days x
  17. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    Less than one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :p :eek: ;D :p :eek: ;D :p :eek: ;D
  18. doowop

    doowop New Member

    Good luck Gemma hunny!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  19. JamesE

    JamesE New Member

    Yeah Good luck Gem , have fun!!! 22 Days !
  20. doowop

    doowop New Member


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