March 20th London Interviews

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by KirstyLouise, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. doowop

    doowop New Member

    U too glad to see you got your computeris working :D

  2. MrMet_GB

    MrMet_GB New Member

    With the interviews coming up pretty soon now, just incase anyone 'new' or 'old' missed this thread the first time, thought I'd put a link to it again:

    Sorry for the disturbance, I'll go back to the 21st group now, just didn't wanna be accused of favouritism ;)

  3. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    Thanks Andrew....don't worry we would'nt accuse you of anything haha ::)

    So the list for TGI's is now as follows:


    If anyone else want to come, let me know

  4. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    10 of us that's cool.
    So what time is every1 planning to get to london and where we all meeting. I know a few like Kirsty,Nat and Mike are going on london eye meeting at 12, what about every1 else? Or we just meeting at TGI ?

  5. doowop

    doowop New Member

    My bus doesnt get in til after 1 but i dont mind if everyone wants to go without me. ill find my way to the ghotel and join up wiht everyone im ok findong my way round london.

  6. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    As far as I know at teh moment I am meeting with Jilly at teh hotel at 12. We are then going to meet Nat and Mike at around 1pm and then head on back to the hotel....need to check with Jilly bout this as it might be easier to jsut stay at the hotel and wait for Nat and Mike to meet us there!?!

    James and Steph are coming down in the afternoon and are going to do a dummy run from their hotel to the Disney office. Depending on what time they are planning on doing that will depend on where we meet them.

    That is all I know for now...will try and speak to Beth soon.

    Hope everyone is ok??

  7. doowop

    doowop New Member

    10 points for organisation!! well done !!

  8. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    hehe cheers Mike...if only it would spill over into my real life stuff I'd be set.


  9. JamesE

    JamesE New Member

    Ello Kirsty and All,

    I have had a very hectic and good week, which started on a high when me, kirsty and steph met up. It was real cool to have a chat about the things we could be doing in a few months time. Was really nice to meet you Kirsty and hope we can do it again real soon.

    I can't wait till next weekend. I'm getting all my final bits sorted this week too. Very excited about meeting everyone at TGI's!

    Hope everyone is doing well and not getting to scared of the 20th!

    Chat soon

    ;D Jx ;D
  10. doowop

    doowop New Member

    Argh am so unorganised this week now!!

    how is everyone.

  11. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member

    im pretty organised for it! i FINALLY sorted out wot im gonna be wearing this afternoon, and i sorted out all my passport photocopies etc....just gotta print of a CV and im all ready to go!

    all very exciting!!! ;D ;D ;D
  12. doowop

    doowop New Member

    its my clothes i cant sort out what i want to wear i think im going to get a plain black v neck jumper and shirt and tie.
    Got all my cv and birth certificate together, my passport is photocopied, im sorted with my paperwork but its my outfit is a bit of a stress!!
  13. PrincessNat

    PrincessNat New Member

    Whoo hoo! Got my hair sorted today. I now have brown hair! Interesting week - have been a blonde, a redhead and a brunette in the last 6 days! ;D

    Outfit is almost ready - just need a top and a bag to go with my suit.

    If its easier for ya'll I can meet Mike at the station at 1pm and then we can make our way to the hotel. Im getting the train into either Tottenham Hale or Liverpool Street so then i can just jump on the tube down to Victoria.

    Ian, let us know what your plans are. I'll PM you my mobile number.

  14. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    At the moment i'm still working on the 20th, really hard trying to get it covered !!! ARRGGH, and if i call in sick they will know it aint real cos they know i wanted it off and prob get the sack !
    But on tht note i will either be getting the 1 flight arriving at 2.30 thn head to the hotel, or if i call in sick i can't fly as they will know lol so I will have to get the train and tht gets in at 2.

    But I will know for defo on 13th when crewing get back to me.
  15. doowop

    doowop New Member

    Thats fab nat its like 9 days away!! how exciting is it!!! wooooooo!!!
  16. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member

    ian, do u mean ur working on the 19th? or the actual day of the interview?!

    either way, thats rubbish u cant get it covered, u must have gave them almost 2 months notice!!
  17. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    I know it is shocking. I'm actually working from 19th to the 22nd it's a 4 day trip to Frankfurt. Just got my fingures crossed it's all ok.
  18. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member theres a chance u wont be coming to the interview?! or are u deffo gonna pull a sickie if u cant get it covered?!
  19. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    It's the big desision but 1 clear desision i will make. It either pull a sicky and risk being fired loosing my career and go to the disney interview even tho there is no chance of getting the job !!
    I'll find a way guys
  20. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member

    ooooh dont worry im sure it will all work out sure u wont get fired, and even if u do, we'll hopefully be off to disney anyway! :-*

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