March 20th London Interviews

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by KirstyLouise, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. doowop

    doowop New Member

    Good luck with that dude!! That must be a tricky situation!!
  2. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    Well it was illegal and can't get it off. So i'm risking it with a sicky.
    Just booked my train ticket , I will get into kings cross at 2pm on sunday and monday night i leave London Euston at 23.45 !!! sleeper to edin, tht will be a long day and night !!!
  3. doowop

    doowop New Member

    That'd suck!! ah well i suppose the silver lining is if you get the job its all worth it!!
  4. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    TGI's is all booked...6.30pm for 10 of us!!

    These are:


    Looking forward to meeting you all

  5. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    Great stuff,
    Just realised it's 5 girls - 5 guys, so gd mix. only 6 days
  6. doowop

    doowop New Member

    Exciting stuff!!! sooo stressed in work wanna go home the boards just cheered me up lots!!! :)
  7. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    I didn't realise that Ian!!

    I cheered up when I booked it coz the guy was so happy and cheeful it put me in a happy mood. Though now I don't want to do my uni work haha!

    Might pack my suitcase in a me it's taken all the restraint I have not to have done it already!!

    Note to self pack board game and bubbly hehe!!

  8. doowop

    doowop New Member

  9. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    I keep getting texts asking me if I'm still going to bring my board game!!

    YES!! it should be a very funny time!!

  10. Steph Andrews

    Steph Andrews New Member

    Hey Guys

    I can't believe we only have a week left i'm getting nervous now and can't wait to meet you all. TGI's sounds like it's going to be a laugh.
  11. doowop

    doowop New Member

    It sure will im so excited we're going to have plenty of fun!!

    So.. is everyone FINALLY prepared??

  12. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    I'm prepared!! Well almost....gonna spend Thursday brishing up on Disney Trivia and interview :)

    Still gotta pack, but at least I have everything now.

    Must remeber not to forget the letter for the hotel booking...I hid it so my sis didn't see it, so now I gotta find it again haha

    Hope everyone else is ok??

  13. doowop

    doowop New Member

    Not gonna brush up on trivia now questions could be anything!

    Interview skills however.. im dreading!!

    Still stressed with work just wanna go home!!
  14. JamesE

    JamesE New Member

    Hey All,

    Me and Steph should be getting into London about midday. Im getting this sorted my last bits week, pack my stuff thurs or fri. What time is everyone meeting? i expect me and Steph will be booked in and done the dummy run by about 3. Thats a guess tho. What time are you all meeting? The meal is for 6pm isnt it? I cant remember lol!

    Really looking forward to meeting everyone tho and cant wait to tuck into a nice TGI's!

    Chat soon,

    ;D Jx ;D
  15. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    Hey James

    I spoke to Steph earlier and she said that you were going to do a dummy run when you get there so I said to call when you are there and we can meet you.

    Then we are going to go into London about 2 and have a wander around!

    If my MSN says away then its coz I don't want my uni classmates to message me!! So IM away!!

    Can't wait to chat with you again hunni!!

  16. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member


    only 5 more sleeps until i head to london!!! how exciting!!! ;D
  17. Beth

    Beth New Member

    k am really getting excited now!

    Outfit bought today, hair was done on Friday... freaking a bit as it seems to have gone into shock though!!

    All over this time next week :eek:
  18. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    I know its crazy when you say it like that!!

    This time next week we will be scaring the 21st lot haha - only joking!!

  19. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member

    that is a scary thought!

    mooch text me today saying il wet myself wen i see the presentation so im even more excited now! ;D ;D ;D
  20. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    I know that they make the day really special for you.

    James texts me every day telling me how jealous he is and how he wishes he could come to see the presentation again haha


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