March 21st London Interviews

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Colin, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Colin

    Colin New Member

    So as not to be put off by that Crazy Bunch of 20th Folk I thought I should start a thread just for us 21st Folk :)

    So if you're scheduled for your F2F on 21st March post here :D

    We'll have to start sorting out our own Accomodation and our night out at TGIs too! I think as there are 2 interview groups i'll now only stay 1 night, I don't think theres any way we'll be able to have a full day in London like a few of us originally discussed. Does anyone want to share rooms, I don't think I can afford Novotel on my own, may have to seek out alternative accomodation.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone :D

  2. Colin

    Colin New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Looking at the Novotel Website, at the moment there is a 'Hot Deal' available the night of the 20th for £99 for the room (no breakfast in this rate). (£70pppn through super breaks so for 2 would be £140) I've also emailed Express by Holiday Inn who look as though they are just down the road, i've asked if they are within walking distance of the Disney Offices. They have rooms including breakfast from £82 per night. The only other alternative would be premiere travel inn, it's a brand new hotel opening in March, and is on the same road as the holiday inn but much further down, again £82 but no breakfast.

    I am in 2 states of mind, pay a little more and stay real close in the Novotel (there is a rate with breakfast for £119) for convenience
    Or save a little money and stay in the Express by Holiday Inn. I have a lot of faith in the Holiday Inn brand as I use them often so in some ways I keep swaying that way, but I want them to reply to my email saying how close first.

    If we can get a better idea of who is going and who would like to share to save on costs then we can get things moving (where is TGI's by the way?)

  3. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    hello hun

    Is it just for the 21st then? Cant believe theres 2 dates! all our plans gone out the window.Oh well, at least theres 2 of us so we arent totally alone ;D we'll just have to go to dinner together lol

    I reckon we should look into sharing hotel rooms etc- £80 seems so much! is there no way of looking at like a deal or something?! I went to london the other week and got theatre tickets and a night and breakfast in a 3 star hotel for £45 in total! I know this will have been in a diferent place, but surely there must be deals in and around the disney offices? I sghall have a look.

    Im hoping to be on MSN soon, but im at my parents this weekend so cant reallty spend the whole time on MSN (Itd be rude! lol) But i should be on hopefully after tuesday

    Gem x
  4. lizziebeth

    lizziebeth New Member

          I just got an email saying I have an interview on the 21st!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo   ;D . very excited! I live in london so I wont be staying at a hotel but meeting up sounds good!   :)

  5. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    hey lizziebeth (is that what you like to be called?) :)

    You're new- yey!!

    another 21st person, there doesnt seem to be too many of us at the mo! but thats ok, im sure our numbers will grow! If you want, add us all to msn- thats what we've all been doing!! mine is

  6. lizziebeth

    lizziebeth New Member


    Thanks Gem. you can call me Lizzie I have added you to my msn, mine is cant wait to chat!



  7. Colin

    Colin New Member

    Gemma, Megara is on the 21st also, and James (Mooch on MSN) also, not entirely sure if he actually posts on here!

  8. lizziebeth

    lizziebeth New Member

    Hey guys my hotmail is so please feel free to chat to me!!! I want to meet as many people as possible.I have been checking my email everyday and I really hope I get to share in the disney magic!

    I am so lucky to be able to meet people who share the same dream!!!!

    love to ya all

    :-* :-*
  9. Chris Lightyear

    Chris Lightyear New Member

    Hi there Guys

    Finally checked my emails today and what a surprise ;D
    Looks like I'll be joining you all on the 21st, can't wait to meet everyone ;)

  10. Colin

    Colin New Member

  11. sweeetii

    sweeetii New Member

    hi people!! just heard that il be joining uz on the 21st in london!! klass XO
  12. Colin

    Colin New Member

    Congrats Sweeetii and welcome to the board :)

    Tell us a little bit about yourself, and add me to your MSN list if you use it, there are a bunch of us at the interviews who use MSN, just look around the board and you'll find them :) My address is

    Hope to speak soon :)

  13. lizziebeth

    lizziebeth New Member

    hey Sweeetii
    Welcome, feel free to chat to me on MSN. my address is on the board. Chat soon!!!!

    :p :)

  14. MrMet_GB

    MrMet_GB New Member

    Gotta keep the posts up and stop us being relegated miles down the board!!

    Hi to the guys I haven't spoken to yet who are also having interviews on the 21st.

  15. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    hey guys

    So, whos doing what accommadation wise?! :) All those 20th folk seem far more organised- wouldnt want us being the lazy group lol

  16. Colin

    Colin New Member

    It sounds like a lot of people are coming down on the day Gem,

    Andrew is thinking he may, Meg May, Lizzie definitely is.....

    Who here is definitely coming to stay the night before?

    I am and I know Gem is, anyone else?

  17. Chris Lightyear

    Chris Lightyear New Member

    I am going to come down the night before and stay over.

    What about TGI's is our little 21st group going to do it????

    Hope so :D

  18. lizziebeth

    lizziebeth New Member

    Mmmmmmmmmm TGI's I love their Oreo cookie milkshake Mmmmmmmmmm! Oh and the jack daniels sauce Mmmmmmmmmm.

    oh .... sorry got a bit carried away! :D

    I will defo be there, I think we might have to book though if there are loads of us. ???


    xx :-*
  19. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    so the peeps who arent staying over on the monday night, are you still coming to TGI's?

    I hope so!!!

  20. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    Hey Gem

    Just to let you know a few of us moday interviewees are coming to TGI's monday night.

    Wouldn't miss meeting you guys for the world


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