May31st Departures???

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by shodnett, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. shodnett

    shodnett New Member

    Did anyone get their airline tickets for the may 31st departure date???? yummy jobs gave me the wrong itinery but emailed me 2 weeeks ago to amend it and said i should recieve my tickets within the next week or 2????

    I havent recieved anything and cant contact yummy jobs at all!!!!
  2. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    hey shane.
    no tickets for me.i e-mailed yummy they havnt giot back..maybe they are v busy.i dont think we get tickets till may(begining).

  3. shodnett

    shodnett New Member

    realy??? everytime they contact me its a different story with them!!!lol Yea they are probably just busy i supose!
  4. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    have u seen there website.
    :) u should check it out.

    yeah i was a little suprosed when u mentioned flight tickets.cos thought it was a biut early to get them.maybe they thought u weere gping end of this month,who knows......

    yeah cos my little page with *things to do* says may is the month to get tickets.
    i havnt even sorted out my insurance u have ur visa sorted?
  5. shodnett

    shodnett New Member

    ill check out their website now! i hate the embasey- my passport was delayed by 2 weeks which ment i missed my holiday to norway(booze weekend with the lads!)

    I was gutted! the day i was due to fly out at 6am from london, my passport arrived just after 9am! i could have cried!lol its totally typical! So now i have the visa and it looks hillarious! It worked out ok in the end tho- we didnt get any refunds for our hotels but we went to cardiff and manchester for the weekend!

    I havent sorted out my insurance cover yet either- prob leave it for another week or 2!
  6. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    ooh yeah sorry i remmber u saying about the passport!!yikes least u had a good time in cardiff and manchester,

    there websites pretty groovy check out the ice cream thing where u click and if gives u facts about them :D

    yeah im pretyy dumb when it comes to insurance,ill probely get the wrong thing,and end up in hospitol in florida and be in some serious debt lol.

    hmmmi i ill wait for my intelligent parents help me thinks.
  7. shodnett

    shodnett New Member

    lol im not too bad at the whole insurance thing so i think i should be fine, now on the other hand, my pasport,......thats another issue....ill have to keep it under lock and key cos im flying back home to ireland tomorow and god help me if i loose it for america"!
  8. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    :(yeah i know what u mean....i keep mine in a folder with all my other bits and bobs important papers to takes with me!!!!!..i am hoping i dont lose mine!!!!!!!else wont be able to go :'(

    going home .r u bk @uni next week?

    yeah hopefully u wont lose it!...

    safe travels

  9. shodnett

    shodnett New Member

    na im officially finished uni now until a yr and 6months !!!!  doing 3 work placements"!

    Oh crap! ive just realised i havent send back my contract to disney!!!!!  when does or did it have to be back!!!!!!!¬!¬!!
  10. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    contract ,,,???is it that thing that has to be on recorded mail.........if it is (dont want to worry u)i think that was due before easter (if its the rite one)

    is it ment to be sent to florida??????
  11. shodnett

    shodnett New Member

    oh my fuck! thats the one! im so unorganised!!! better ring yummy jobs agian! its not my fault- ben in hospital! agggghhh! wot if i cant go!!!panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    dont worry about it....send it straight awys....go down post office ..costs about £3 sumthin on recorded mail......

    u will be able to go,dont fret.cos if yummy are busy then ull be in a panic..just send it now!before u go away.they will understand especially if u have been in dint u get the wrong itinerereray (i cant spell)

  13. shodnett

    shodnett New Member

    oh thank fuck! supprisingly(i cant spell either!lol) yummy jobs answered!

    Just rang and some woman -not jason or alexis told me to send it today by fax and they will accept it! thank *uck for that!!!
    They will accept them by post up to 6weeks before our scheduled arrival date!

    Ahhhh! im off now to go out and get drunk! afterall ! celebrtate my last night in wales in style!lol
  14. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    cool.av a good time...
    chow see ya in florida :)

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