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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by Goofyyannkee06, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Goofyyannkee06

    Goofyyannkee06 New Member

    1.) How do I go about applying for the college program in the fall of 08'?

    2.) Where are the classes offered at, and how many classes do you have to take?

    3.) Is there a specific place where they put the college students to work at?

    4.) What are the pros and cons on this program?

    Any other Information you can send my way would be great!
  2. disneydreamer

    disneydreamer New Member

    well all of those questions depend on what country you are applying from as the ICP is slightly different if you are in the US...
  3. Goofyyannkee06

    Goofyyannkee06 New Member

    I am from the U.S and I am very interested in working with the Disney co. I just don't know how to apply or anything
  4. disneydreamer

    disneydreamer New Member

    im from the UK and so im not sure on what you can apply for and when but is really useful and will probably tell you everything you need to know and how to apply
  5. speck

    speck New Member

    The link that *Steph* gave you should explain everything you need to know, if it doesn't post a reply and we can try to help you further.

    If you are applying for a professional internship within a certain area you fall under college program, but you will apply through the disney careers site and you can only apply when the internship you want is up and it is for the next running internship. So if you want Fall 08 professional internship, those jobs should be listed by the 1st of Feb.

    You cannot apply for the college program and professional program at the same time.
  6. speck

    speck New Member

    Oh! and from what I can tell the

    Looks great on resume
    Jump start to a great career
    allows you to network for internal hire

    Not good if you get homesick easily
    Hardly any weekends off
    Not good if you don't like long hours, changing schedules, strict guidelines or working hard

    Of course these are in my opinion in the research and speaking to cast members that I have done ;D
  7. LatSYrk

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