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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ellen101, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Since we have to start a new board for this, I thought I might do it....hope no-one minds (I don't know who the last person was on the old board!)

    Which Disney hero has no nipples!!?!?!

    ellen x
  2. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member


    maybe i should start noticing these things! :-X

  3. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Incorrect!! Sorry!
  4. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    urrm..... Mickey??

    (how many guesses am i allowed?!)

  5. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    wrong again....let someone else have a go......;D
  6. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

  7. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    ok....yes Mickey and Nemo have no nipples, but I mean which hero, drawn to represent an actual human being, has no nipples!!!
  8. Grouchy87

    Grouchy87 New Member

    hey Guys,

    Ellen, how do you know all the stuff for the trivia questions?!  Is there like a website or sumit cos i need to learn some stuff before my interview!

    And a guess at ur question, Aladdin?

    Just a random one! lol
  9. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    your random guess was correct!! :D well done!!!

    There is a site (I Should tell you in secret tho cos I don't want everyone knowing the answers to any questions I might post!!), but that question I got from watching something on tv yesterday morning!!

    Well done, your turn!!

    Ellen x
  10. Grouchy87

    Grouchy87 New Member

    lol. not bad for a guess although i think it's cos we have Aladdin all over the place at work at mo!

    Can u send me a message with the web site link on cos i have no idea of another question! :S
  11. Grouchy87

    Grouchy87 New Member

    right here we go.....

    In the 1950's Disney ran a Beverage range marketed by General Beverages inc, which beverage was themed on Donald Duck?
  12. eeyore22

    eeyore22 New Member

    Was it Donald Duck Cola? :)
  13. Grouchy87

    Grouchy87 New Member

    Yep well done!

    I guess ur turn now? (Am new to this thing :p)
  14. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Hey, never got into the disney trivia thing before - but i knew the answer to your question ellen!!! Guess we must have watched the same show on sunday morning - cant remember what dan and i were watching but whatever it was it had that piece of trivia on it!! Am gonna try and improve my trivia knowledge cos its rubbish! Just waiting for the next question now!
  15. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Lol funnily enough I knew the answer too!! I wonder how you and me were watching the same programme Ellen!!! ;) (for anyone wondering we shared a hotel room on the DDO!)
    Charlotte x
  16. eeyore22

    eeyore22 New Member

    The answer was on 'Popworld' on ch4. It was a discussion between the hilarious Simon Amstel and Norman Cook! Ok, question time :).
    What is the home port of Miss Tilly? ;D
  17. Andy

    Andy New Member

    Mickey mouse?
  18. eeyore22

    eeyore22 New Member

    No, sorry Andy. For any of you guys that don't know, Miss Tilly is the boat on top of Mount Mayday in Typhoon Lagoon ;D
  19. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Think the answer is Safen Sound, Florida.
  20. eeyore22

    eeyore22 New Member

    Correct Michelle. Your turn ;D

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