[New Game] WDW Made Me.....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mpark90, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Freckles

    Freckles Guest

    (nice ending)

    WDW makes me feel better when i have a cold/feeling ill.
  2. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    WDW always makes me feel better.

    (this could actually go on forever, but it is so much fun!)
  3. robb2020

    robb2020 New Member

    WDW makes me want to ride the Rock'n Roller Coaster 8 times in a row!!!!
  4. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    Me too

    WDW gives me motivation and determination to follow my dreams.
  5. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    WDW allowed me to sit in front of the castle whilst it emptied just to watch the Kiss Goodnight
  6. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    WDW allowed me to visit the most magical place in the world
  7. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    wdw allowed me to have a place where my only worry is which ride to go on first
  8. Freckles

    Freckles Guest

    thats true!

    WDW makes me search for hidden mickeys even when im not at the parks!!!
  9. WDW allowed me to make the most amazing friends in the world as well as making me miss it every moment of everyday (I'm in serious withdrawal lol)
  10. ginabella

    ginabella New Member

    WDW made me believe in true love.. :-*
  11. Freckles

    Freckles Guest

    WDW is the place i wish to get married in some day.
  12. ginabella

    ginabella New Member

    omg meee toooo

    WDW is my escape when I shut my eyes
  13. Freckles

    Freckles Guest

    WDW makes me want to quit uni on bad days os i can go work there permanently.
  14. WDW makes me reminisce everyday and then get told of by my mum for having my heads in the clouds and Disney rather than in uni. It sounds painful to remove my head from those ideas though :(
  15. Freckles

    Freckles Guest


    WDW makes me think of the fantastic weather that surrounds the park!
  16. WDW made me sad cos my best friend there is unhappy and I can't be there to make her happy and see her smile.
  17. cowza

    cowza New Member

    WDW made me proud to own so much Disney stuff
  18. Freckles

    Freckles Guest

    WDW gives me a place to wonder in my head when i am bored...or dont want to listen lol.
  19. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    WDW made me create my own magical world when i am lonely
  20. Freckles

    Freckles Guest

    WDW made me want to meet you guys on the forum!

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